help!! I need a haircut!

about a year ago I had a horrible cut Blow dried it and the stylist used some kind of razor after cutting it. It looked fine when she finished but when I wet my hair it was a total disaster. I had uneven layer. So I decided to just let grow and have it fix later. So it is longer and I hate how it looks, kind of triangle and without any shape. I'm visiting a friend in NY next month and I am thinking about trusting some stylist at devachan. What do you think? Oh I must let you know that I have lotssssss of hair. I am mixed so I have many textures but mostly 3c I think. Can anyone recommend a stylist at devachan? I know many people have had great experiences but I am nervous about them knowing how to handle my thick 3c hair. Thank you!

any other salons in NYC?
Thick 3c/4a
:sunny: Goal: BSL curls!
DevaCurl One C, Biotera Styling Gel, unrefined Shea butter, Honey, EVOO, Coconut oil, ACV rinses