Clumpy, flat, stringy, mess...

So.....I guess poo-less or not, with going natural..not using a brush, etc, the requirement is to RINSE everyday, at least??

Please tell me there is an easier way.

I have to kids: 2.5 and 2 months.

Yesterday, I had to take one for shots at the ped's office and there was just NO TIME to sit and let my hair dry after a rinse. But I can't brush it back into a pony tail, right??

I would HAVE to brush it back. It's a MESS after sleeping all night on it...there are knots and I don't have the type of hair that I can just seperate the suckers and leave it.

Oh no. It is a complete mess (and I do put it in a scrunchie at night).

I thought I would spray some water on it to help tame the frizz, but OMG...that has to dry and I just look like a skanky street-person who does NOTHING to their hair....(worse than natural!)


Any solutions here? I am scared that I will have to revert to the brush on the "no hair" days!


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    I use a wide-tooth comb to detangle but *only* when there's conditioner in my hair. This keeps the knots at bay, and I don't have to do this everyday. You don't have to rinse everyday, either - some curlies here get "2nd day hair", where they just scrunch in a little gel and go, or even just get up and go. If this doesn't work, then you could at least just pull your hair back into a scrunchie, no brushing involved :) . It won't look that bad, believe me. Hope you find something that works!
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    Hi Carrie,

    It would help knowing how you are following this routine (whether you've read the book, which products you're using and how you're applying them) so we can give more specific advice.

    In the meantime, I'll say that "YES", there are ways to make CG easier. There's many of us who can have 2nd and even 3rd day hair, which means we don't need to rinse it at all during those days. At bedtime I lightly spray it with distilled water to replace moisture lost during the day, then carefully cover it with a satin bonnet - now that I'm wearing it rather short I've had to first put a thick hairnet first to minimize movement of the curls; then after getting up I'd remove it and again lightly spray my hair with water or Lavender spray to refresh/reactivate the styling product. Now I have to shake my head a little to help the curls loosen and fall naturally but when it was longer I'd often need to push the ends up with the palms of my hand to help recurling. Once dry I just "fluff" it to separate the curls and add fullness. Where the weather is dry a home-made "all-purpose" spray made basically with water and CO (see Recipe section) works better than plain water when refreshing curls. And if you already have frizz, water alone will only make it worse, you'd be better off gently smoothing a bit of a styling cream over your hair or lightly misting it with a spray leave-in that contains dimethicone copolyol which is CG compatible.

    Question: when you put your hair in a scrunchy at night, do you place it at the nape of the neck or on the top of your head (=pineapple)? If on the top, are you using a satin pillowcase (or one with a large thread count)? This minimizes frizz caused by friction and works pretty well for a lot of people so if you haven't gotten any yet plan to get one ASAP, it may make a great difference where the knotting is concerned.

    As for brushing, although L. Massey is very much against it, sometimes "emergency" situations require us to make exceptions and from my point of view that's all there is to that. Whenever I need to simplify things for several days I either put my hair in curlers after "washing" or dry it with a dryer brush, then I roll it in barrel pincurls at bedtime and wear it wavy, which requires that I use a brush (a vented one with very separated plastic bristles than end in a little ball) or at least a "pick" for grooming. So if you need to use a brush just try to be gentle so you don't damage your hair.

    I think that as you get more experienced with this routine you will find more and better ways of dealing with your hair's unique challenges so I encourage you to keep reading different threads in this part of the forum and also in the forum for your specific hair type as everyone contributes all kinds of tips which many of us find very useful.
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