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Hi I'm new to the site and I need help with defining my curls. I usually keep my hair about 4-6 inches long but I had a misunderstanding with a new barber and he cut off all my hair. So now I'm growing it back. Unlike before I can't finger detangle or clump my curls by shaking since it's too short now. I've tried using denman brush and wide tooth comb with plenty of conditioner but they pick out my curls. Sometimes the curls pop and sometimes they don't, I'm just looking for consistency. My hair is low porosity, medium to thick strands. Please help me!!! Also what is my hair type? I've always known my hair was curly but didn't know it all broke down to types.


  • chupiechupie Registered Users Posts: 5,280 Curl Connoisseur
    I think 4a/b? I actually think it looks good. But you might post on the general board or in the 4 section for quicker attention and suggestions.
    2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy8bclCLgER5N_uVYSYZNxhBHSXAW40OQ and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation http://wavynation.wordpress.com
  • Afro_OtakuAfro_Otaku Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thanks you, I will do that. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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