If you don't know of this blog yet, you should!

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Point of Interest!

:D I'm loving the scientific information, the links to recipes and ingredients, and so on. I was looking for a reliable place (apart from the science-y hair blog) where to get some simple-to-not-so-simple recipes for my hair and I think I'll learn a lot from there.

Point of Interest!: Search results for winter custard this winter custard looks AWESOME, I want it. Except for the silicones. But still. :3

Happy holidays, everyone!
A 2C, wishfully thinking of being 3a. Sometimes I get there. CG since October 2013, Eurocurly (just for a few months more!), completely low-porosity now. SBL, wanting elbow length.

CW-LI: Garnier Ultra Doux (Cocoa+Coconut Oil/Mango+Tiaré) or my own products.
DC: Biofficina Toscana Maschera Nutriente Protettiva, or my own product.
Homemade FSG, L'Oreal Styling Gel.


  • ellaphantcyellaphantcy Registered Users Posts: 2
    I love this blog! It's usually the first place I go when I need information on a new ingredient. I also love how detailed she gets with the science without getting bogged down with too much information.
  • lailankrlailankr Registered Users Posts: 6
    This is the first time I've heard of it, but I think It's a great one. I'll spend some time on it and learn some few more tricks

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