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Ok, so when i first went natural i did the wrong thing by going to my dominican folks twice in 1 month. My hair was nice and thick and king ext...but i did not knw how beautiful it was until it got damaged!

so after a year of just braids and twist ect and heat damage...i finally decided to just cut all the damage hair off in March 2014 /Users/shakieshawatson/Desktop/IMG_3048.JPG

this is how it looks now after wearing braids and weaves. this is the first time i wore my natural hair since Last summer i believe. /Users/shakieshawatson/Desktop/IMG_9860.jpeg

this is a video i did tonight because i think i got heat damage again. in July 2014 i wanted to see my length and i went to a stylist who's natural herself and specializes in natural hair. After letter her wash and set my hair i realized it doestn matter who specializes in what HEAT IS THE this is my hair back in July when straightend



\ok heres the video.

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