Need Help Tweaking Recipe!

I'm trying to find the right combination of ingredients to use as a 2nd day & beyond curl refresher for my 2c/3a hair.

The latest I've tried is:
2 oz. Aloe Vera juice
4 oz. Distilled water
1/4 tsp. Jojoba oil

I find it makes my hair crunchy, dry & frizzy, and it's a bit sticky. I feel like maybe the Aloe is to blame, but everyone seems to love it, so I'm not sure. I do know my hair doesn't like protein.

Any ideas which of these ingredients could be the offender? I'm wondering which one to leave out in the next batch.

2c/3a med. density, coarse, low porosity, color treated
Nizoral AD Shampoo (scalp condition); DevaCare One Condition
Redken Curvaceous Ringlet, Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock, or DevaCurl B'Leave-in curl definers
DevaCurl Heaven in Hair DT
DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam (crown)
DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel


  • HtBlackHtBlack Registered Users Posts: 292
    Honestly, I think it's the aloe. It does that for me, so I use flaxseed gel.

    I have 2c hair, and what I do is usually spritz a water+conditioner mix into my hair really. If I need to put flyaways down, I'll scrunch in some flaxseed gel too, but not always. (:
    A 2C, wishfully thinking of being 3a. Sometimes I get there. CG since October 2013, Eurocurly (just for a few months more!), completely low-porosity now. SBL, wanting elbow length.

    CW-LI: Garnier Ultra Doux (Cocoa+Coconut Oil/Mango+Tiaré) or my own products.
    DC: Biofficina Toscana Maschera Nutriente Protettiva, or my own product.
    Homemade FSG, L'Oreal Styling Gel.

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