If you over use protein?

superzerosuperzero Registered Users Posts: 80
If you use too much protein will your hair go back to normal or will it stay like straw?


  • Corrina777Corrina777 Registered Users Posts: 3,204 Curl Connoisseur
    Most people experience brittle, straw-like hair, but I know a few people who have the opposite reaction- their hair loses curl and gets soft, similar to being over-conditioned. I've never been able to over-protein my hair, so I'm just going by what others have said.
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  • superzerosuperzero Registered Users Posts: 80
    I know what overproteined hair feels like (I've also never experienced it but heard stories) my question was can you reverse the effects of too much protein or will your hair forever feel like straw?
  • MyocardialMyocardial Registered Users Posts: 41
    You can reverse it by adding moisture back into your routine and no protein until your hair is more moisturised, or use deep treatments.
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  • ThatGingerChildThatGingerChild Registered Users Posts: 8
    For your hair to be at its best state it needs a balance between moisturizing conditioner and protein treatments, so if you over-use protein you just need to use more intense deep conditioner treatments in order to create balance again. Hope this helped.
  • HtBlackHtBlack Registered Users Posts: 292
    It's not a permanent thing, just deep condition until it gets better.
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