Im lost as heck

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Hello! Hope you guys are doing well
I big chopped about a month ago & I picked up some tips from other people along the way but I feel like those tips aren't working.
My hair is dry as a desert!!!!! I have friends that suggest i co wash daily until I get my moisture balance up so I can get my hair braided so i bought two bottles of Aussie Moist & my hair feels good 5 mins coming out the shower but once its is it dry. I also bought a deep conditioner from Shea Moisture (i forgot which spec line but if you need to know, i'll go search for it) & that works OK.
I also heard that I may have scab hair (permed my hair since 3 & im 18 now) so i tried to cut my ends & my ends are still dry but my roots arent.
Help please :/ im trying to reach my goal length of armpit length by the end of 2015. :cry:


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    What post co-washing conditioners are you using in your hair?
    You can use a normal conditioner before putting a styling product on it or alternatively you can use a special conditioner before a styling product.

    Have you tried deep conditioning? What products have you used?

    Have you tried an overnight pre-poo treatment with coconut or olive oil?

    You put coconut or olive oil on your hair while you are asleep then in the morning wash it off. Alternatively if you aren't going out side your house for a day or can wear a scarf, then put it in in the morning and 12+ hours later wash it off. You need to use this much link The coconut oil I like is by Vatika you can get it in some Superdrugs or in beauty supply shops.

    Also be warned that some shea moisture products and Aussie moist products built up on people's hair which means you hair will feel dry. Personally I prefer using Tresemme naturals conditioner as one of my conditioners as it has no silicones in it.
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    So far the only conditioner i've been using is the Aussie Moist.

    I deep condition with Shea Moisture's Manuka Honey Masque. Its not the best deep conditioner tbh. I feel like there are better ones out there but my hair is low porosity so its hard to find a really good penetrating deep conditioner.

    Sadly my hair despises coconut oil. It feels crispier when I use it for anything.

    But I will try the Tresemme Naturals.I heard good things about that conditioner as well! Thank you :toothy5:

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