Hello everyone , am Pandora ,I just had a BC last week and I have been going though this site for awhile , however the different type of products are quite confusing , my hair is a 4c , pls any suggestions on products and how to go about my hair regime ? Thanks a lot!


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    To be perfectly honest, 4c is not sufficient information to give helpful recommendations. Things like porosity, density, and strand thickness would be much helpful to know, and you can find these characteristics out by your own tests or by sending a sample to certain companies (yes, it's actually a business). For example, if you have fine hair (or low porosity hair, for that matter), you'd probably want to stay away from heavier (generally cream-based) products, at least for regular use.
    When I did my BC, I also went CG, and there are a whole bunch of wonderful posts about that in the CG section of this forum.
    Word of advice: Going about your hair regime in the beginning is kind of like feeling your way through the dark. I didn't know that my hair wasn't a fan of creams five years ago. I didn't know that my hair didn't like silicone. I didn't know finger combing was insufficient to rid myself of tangles. I didn't know how often I should trim, or that trimming was essential to growth either. It's also a journey of acceptance, because you never know what will happen to your hair once you hit your stride in taking care of it. (This takes forever by the way, and moody hair + life changes (pregnancy, stress, etc) can cause you to start all over again). There are a lot of general tips we (the community) can give, like pineappling or sleeping on a satin pillow case, but hair care is largely personal, though getting to know your hair (it's personality, we often say) and letting us know its characteristics will allow you to receive better and more specific advice.
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