Easiest + fastest + cheapest music downloading sites?

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Where do you buy your music from online? I don't have an iphone or any mac devices. What would be best for me? I need to create a playlist that I can burn asap.

I'm totally drawing a blank on the site I used in the past as it's ben a couple yrs.


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    Napster burst onto desktops everywhere as the place to burn CDs after its founding in 1999. At the peak of its short-lived reign, the peer-to-peer file sharing network had 80 million registered users trading music – both mainstream songs and hard-to-find bootlegged or concert versions of popular music. The application filled the technology gap for music, although computers were becoming the norm for work and play, music was still largely CD-based. The application presented an easy and free way to download music and make your friends mix CDs (the only real way to show friendship in 2004). Too bad it was completely illegal.
    The prediction from 2004 was clearly made by the Napster generation. A multitude of other peer-to-peer networks replaced the old giant after it was shutdown, including Kazaa and LimeWire. As soon as one was stamped out, another took its place in a never-ending game of legal whack-a-mole. It seemed like free sharing would always be the norm.
    Digital Products

    2004 prediction: In 2014, it will still be the case that the vast majority of Internet users will easily be able to copy and distribute digital products freely through anonymous peer-to-peer networks.
    Court rulings, Apple and the rise of streaming all conspired against anonymous peer-to-peer networks, effectively killing them. While networks certainly are still available – an Internet user can access pretty much any movie online by searching for it – P2P networks are no longer widespread.
    The courts made clear P2P networks that promoted the sharing of copyrighted material online with no compensation for the copyright holders would not be tolerated.
    Around the same time, Apple launched iTunes and the iPod, which steadily gained popularity with the release of the iPod Mini. iTunes gave users an easy way to digitize music from CDs they already owned, buy new music online (legally) and burn new CDs or create new playlists. Many switched over from the P2P networks or started buying at least some of their music.
    Between when the prediction was made in 2004 and now, mobile music sales have skyrocketed. With increasing mobile connection speeds and smartphone usage, "use" has become the new "own" and users are constantly switching from owners of copyrighted material to just users. Spotify, Pandora and Netflix allow users to stream content for a fee without ever downloading the content to their own device – another plus with mobile technology that doesn't have the same storage space as a computer.
    In many ways, Napster and applications like it were the precursor to Spotify, and we have these experimenters to thank for the multitude of legal options available for consuming content online.
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    I use Amazon, Google Play and sometimes iTunes. You don't have to have an iphone.
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    noodly wrote: »
    Am I allowed to recommend websites where you can download the music for free or do you perse have to buy it?
    Like personal network sharing sites? Like Limewire? Why could it be wrong to mention those?

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