Who Is The Big Banana?

ScarletScarlet Posts: 3,125Registered Users
Enquiring minds want to know!
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  • CarriolaCarriola Posts: 30Registered Users
    I'm confused. Shelli is the Big Banana?
  • mrspoppersmrspoppers Posts: 7,223Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Wouldn't it be funny if, after all the flirting and carrying on, the Big Banana turned out to be a gurl?
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  • Summer91Summer91 Posts: 265Registered Users
    I thought of that. Very well could be. I'd still love him...or her. :wink:
  • loosecurlsloosecurls Posts: 637Registered Users
    I dont know but that attention whore poll made me fall out laughing!
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    I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?