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OK, I'm a natural, been natural 4b/4c for a very long time, just came across a product online that I notice is only carried in Maryland DC or around there(where I don't live). I ordered it online. The honey gloss shine balm was amazing oil slip(thickness) when used to twist out. But now I ordered the ACV rinse and the deep conditioner and the setting/cleaser.
This seems like it would work on natural hair. The only reviews I see is for relaxed hair though.

Anyway I just want to know is the ACV rinse/deep conditioner(also used as leave in) and finishing oil that i purchased from the company really good on natural 4b/4c hair?

I'd like to use products from blacks to help promote their business. Currently the only thing that has worked for my hair has been products not made by black people.(except for the Kinky Curly Knot Today).
So I really hope this product works. I know It's to late to ask these questions, but if it doesn't work I can always give it to friends with relaxed hair.


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    I haven't tried this line but don't get too caught up on what works for x hair type. The properties are more important. Like I have been given this Shea Moisture product that has keratin in it that I'm worried to try since I'm protein sensitive. I have seen plenty of yt reviews with women of my hair type who loved it but maybe they're not sensitive. They didn't say so I don't know if reviews are always helpful from people with different properties. Only way to know is to try.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:

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