HELP!!! Products for humidity that won't weight done thin hair?

Rawr4CookiezRawr4Cookiez Registered Users Posts: 35
I have very thin fine 3a hair. Usually I put a ton of conditioner to block out the humidity but the co is my hair is flat and weighed down. I tried using gel but didn't help with the humidity at all. My hair hates oils cause I have low porosity hair. I need a way to have volume but also blocks the humidity! Any suggestions


  • Curlybee1Curlybee1 Registered Users Posts: 55 Curl Neophyte
    I use Curl Keeper under all my styling products (and a little hard hold gel as my last step before diffusing- SOTC when totally dry) and I no longer cringe in fear in humid/rainy/snowy weather. In fact sometimes a little misty weather makes my hair look better now! I think CK also helps my hair dry faster, too.
  • cassy1cassy1 Registered Users Posts: 7
    Aussie hairspray

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