HELP!!! Products needed for curl definition

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Hello you guys! I have been fully natural for 4 months and I am still on a buying spree of products. My hair texture is 4a and I was wondering what could help me with really defining my curl. The Eco styler gel works but it feels as though it weighs my hair down. I have the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie but I don't think I'm using right. My hair is short now when streched it comes to my upper lip but shrinkage brings it back to a fro. Can someone assist with some products i could use to hold my pattern!!?:blob6::laughing6:


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    If your hair like protein I would recommend the aphogee curl definer, it works REALLY well for my hair
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    Do you know your hair properties? I'm not talking about 4a, I mean porosity and thickness. That's the first step in determining what kinds of products you might use.

    Once you figure out your hair properties, it is beneficial to search the forum and look at signature of people with similar hair properties to see what they use. I think this has been a starting point for a lot of us on the board. When you ask what you should use, that's too broad of a question, people will throw everything at you and it might not be the best product for you.
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    I agree with sixelamy about being specific to get your best advice on products. I will also add that 4A hair is just really prone to shrinkage too. To get good of curl definition in my experience you have to figure out what gives your best moisture and moisture retention first, then become really good friends with shrinkage. My hair is at its longest parts a few inches past my collarbone and at the shortest parts my bottom lip/chin. It is just now getting to where it hangs a little more.

    I'll post a side by side I made of two different hair days I had this month. The one with a dark shirt has cantu curling custard and the light shirt is today with flaxseed gel. I have a lot of definition with both and how much hang my hair has is similar. The cantu leaves my hair more stiff than the flaxseed gel, and with less volume which changes the shape some. I also did a protein treatment and a baptism rinse today which gave my hair weight I think. Not everyone has hair that tolerates protein well- I do regular treatments but recently realized pretty much all my everyday products are protein free.

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