When do you detangle your hair?

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How how long does it take?
I notice when I finger detangle in the shower, the water tends to go cold lol.
How long does it take you?


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    I detangle outside the shower because it takes so long. I have a lot of hair and it's thick.
    After I wash (or clarify my hair), I apply deep conditioner (outside of the shower) and detangle the hair using the conditioner, braid it up(big braids). (all of this outside the shower)< I leave on for over 1 hr, then wash it out(while braids attached still to keep the hair detangled.)
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    I actually don't remember the last time I finger detangled in the shower, but when I did, It was pretty fast, because I just raked my hands through (and left so many tangles at the roots). Before that I used to finger detangle outside of the shower. This took very very long, because I would separate my hair into 4 sections and then section by section I would take tiny sections and separate, literally every single strand. This took hours (maybe 2 or 3). As of now, I detangle outside of the shower with a wide tooth comb and conditioner and it usually takes me an hour. If my hair was twisted the whole week, blown out, or straightened, then I detangle in the shower which is pretty quick since my hair would barely have any tangles (just a lot of shed hair if it were in twists).
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    Just to add a change-up to the responses:

    I detangle on average once a week. The shortest time I go between "true" detanglings, with a wide-tooth comb, is about 4 days. Finger combing does not do it for me.
    Wide-tooth comb detangling usually takes me less than 15 minutes. Before I switched to a heavier reliance on my wide-tooth comb (I used to only use it once a month or so), it took me 40 min+ with my fingers. With my fingers, I had to drench my hair, add loads of slip product, add a little more water as I combed through, then after about 10 minutes, turn the water off, continue to detangle, then wash everything out and start over again with a rich conditioner for clumping. In other words, it was a pain in the a**.
    Note: I do have an insane amount of hair. Hands can drown it (as my hairdresser can attest to) level of dense and thick kind of hair. It's not fine either, and I don't have breakage problem.
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    I detangle once a week in the shower. I use a Denman brush and make sure my hair is saturated with water and conditioner when I detangle. I separate my hair into 6 sections and detangle section by section while standing right under the shower stream. It takes me about an hour to wash and detangle.
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    Afromuffin wrote: »
    How how long does it take?
    I notice when I finger detangle in the shower, the water tends to go cold lol.
    How long does it take you?

    Because I am lazy, and it takes me forever to detangle (about 45-70) minutes, I find that it goes a lot easier if I make a point of detangling with a wide tooth comb and a spray-bottle, a day or two before any shampoo day, and then again, once my final dt/conditioning treatment rinse is complete.

    In winter, I find that on a no-rinse regimen it will grow a bit faster if I leave it alone for a while between 'poos, etc., so (I just leave it in protective non-extension twists for as long as I can--about 2 weeks or longer if I can push it, then detangle and section for cleansing within the next day or two--and don't get me started on how long it takes to pre-treat, cleanse, deep-treat, rinse etc.--). :P

    But, no matter what your preference is, it's going to be time consuming, although I totally think detangling a day in advance is way better than when I try to do it all same day.

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    I only finger detangle now and I will do it when washing/co-washing my hair or when I'm getting ready to do some type of wet set on my hair (twist-out or flat twist).

    Combing was dreadful and I don't think I'll go back.
  • fredricafekkaifredricafekkai Registered Users Posts: 4
    But then again my hair is only collar-bone length so it doesn't take me as long to detangle my hair as others who may have bra length or longer hair.
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    Only when cowashing, with conditioner and a wide tooth comb.
    Takes all of 10 minutes .

    Finger detangling = too time consuming and pointless for me as the hair will quickly tangle right back up.
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    When I'm at school the shower in my dorm is so lovely, it doesn't go cold at all, so I can spend an hour in there and be fine. I don't, however, because being in hot water for so long makes me light headed, but I've done it before and it takes a pretty long time to detangle in the shower. I find it easiest for me to separate them into 6-8 sections and detangle each section outside of the shower and then do some light finger detangling in the shower while I wash. When I'm at home, however, the water is horrible and gets cold after like 15 minutes, so I try to be a quick as possible when I wash my hair at home and I usually skip the light finger detangling & just do a fast wash.
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    Five, maybe ten minutes? I detangle in the shower (with my fingers) with conditioner in. It's not too much of a lengthy process.
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    Detangling takes me about 10 minutes max but my hair is short.
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    My hair is shoulder length when wet and curly, I divide my hair is about 4-5 sections and and then divide those sections in 2 and detangle. Once a week. Takes me about 15-3 mins to get it good
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