Damage and Perfection

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Okay, so I am a male and I love having hair. I've been growing my hair out for two years now since Nov. 22, 2014 but I didn't officially start caring for my mane until Mid June of this year. Throughout the first year and 1/3 through the second I was constantly picking my hair out with a metal pick (and I read somewhere that metal lacerates the strands; I don't know how accurate that is though) and washing my hair with sulfate shampoo at least every week :neutral:; but now that I've been moisturizing, deep conditioning, pre-pooing and using Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus shampoo my hair is alot softer and my curls are starting to from. Three months ago I've stopped washing my hair with shampoo as often and I'm seeing more improvement (and since I don't wash my hair with a shampoo I rinse my hair every three days). After rinsing my hair I come out of the shower with an amazing twa afro, that contains some z (literally "Z") looking curls in the area crown area and very frizzy S curls in the front and nape area. The size of my "S" curls when they're dry are a little larger than a pen spring, but no bigger than a pencil; but after I moisturize my hair my curls seem to enlarge; my hair goes from 4a/4b to a 3c/4a look (and I don't do protective styles or any curl former item). I get regular sharpie sized curls in the front, crown and nape area, then pencil sized curls in my crown and parietal ridge.

Now I know this is a lot of rambling, but I just wanted to know if its possible for hair to be damaged from a full year of obsessive mechanical (constant and sulfate washing) usage? and does conditioner make your curls clump without twist, braiding, or bantu knots?

P.s I appreciate any response in advance, and honestly afros are the best, even if my hair isn't damaged I love my hair. I'ma proud 4b.


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    From reading your post I think the curls you are seeing were already there but were not taking shape because your hair was not adequately moisturized. Now that you are dc'ing and avoiding harsh drying shampoo you are seeing what you already have. Some people with 3c 4a will look 4b because of dryness so there have been people on here before who found out they had a different hair type than they originally thought. Not everyone needs to twist or manipulate their hair to get a defined curl. Like yours my hair will curl up with water and conditioner but I choose to twist now that it's longer to prevent tangles and because I don't like the shape it takes when I let ot shrink on its own. But when it was short no twisting. Gld you love your curls. Also watch out for buildup which will make your hair dry if you don't clarify periodically.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:

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