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Starting my search for DevaCurl certified CG stylists sent me 3 hours, in both North and South directions, and, while I have found good stylists, the round trip drive was killing me.

So, I have decided to try to find someone, not DevaCurl certified, who will cut my 3a CG hair in Fresno, CA. Because combined with Clovis, we have a population of 610,000+. We HAVE to have some CGs here, I mean, statistically speaking. So, by default, we have to have a few stylists familiar with curly hair.

To help my fellow Fresnian CGs, I post this list of what I have found. I have no reviews for these suggestions yet. If you are a fellow Fresnian CG, and have had an experience with these salons/stylists, please post your reviews here, on this thread.

So armed with my Curly Girl Handbook (because pictures help, oh, so much!), I plan to venture forth to interview and find my future stylist.

Good Luck and I hope this helps other Fresnian CGs!

Per an article I found (in alphabetical order):

Envy Hair Studios
On Blackstone and San Jose
(No stylist for CG hair mentioned, but was in CG article.)

Kaos Headquarters
On Wishon, Downtown.
Stylist Cynthia was reported good with CG hair

La Dolce Vita - Reported closed by Yelp
Stylist Jennifer Anderson was reported good with CG hair

La Vogue Beauty Shop
On Olive, Downtown
(No stylist for CG hair mentioned, but was in CG article.)

Michael Blunt Salon
On Champlain
Stylist Krisha Marie was reported good with CG hair

Herndon and N.West Ave
Stylist Marquis was reported good with CG hair

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