UK newbie - am I doing this right?

KurlyKBKurlyKB Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a little while, so thought I should introduce myself!

I've been curlygirl(ish) for just over 2 weeks now. I played around with different products for the first 10 days or so to get the right combo, but I think I've got it right now. I have fine, low density hair (very low in parts :-( ). I've done my research and all my products are silicone free.

I've got a few questions, can you help me out please?:

- I co-wash everyday except every 3rd or 4th day when I use a shampoo with disodium laureth sulfosuccinate as its second ingredient-it's not true CG but is that ok, or is it still too stripping?

- I'm not 100% sure of my curl pattern - it's 2-something. Can anyone advise me on this from my avatar? I know I shouldn't focus on it too much, but I'm just curious!

- My hair isn't as frizzy as it used to be and its clumping together much better which I'm really happy about, but I still get a frizzy outline! I avoid touching whilst its drying, and don't touch it nearly as much during the day. Would it help if I use a product to scrunch out the crunch as I don't at the moment? Any recommendations?

- Because of my hair density I no longer plop-I just scrunch it with a t-shirt after I've put my curl cream and gel in my hair. It still goes flat after a while and combined with the frizz halo I can't help but flip my head over to tease the roots and re-scrunch with damp hands. Does anyone have any tips for getting lift into low density hair? Clipping does nothing unfortunately as I don't have enough hair!

- I've noticed a subtle change in colour since changing my routine, it's got a tiny bit lighter. I can't see that the products have any ingredients that would do this, has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks everyone! x


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    Does your hair feel dry? If your hair feels ok then your routine is fine for you. You will probably have to change it again when the weather changes.

    I personally prefer using a shampoo with cocamide betaine as the cleansing ingredient as it's less harsh.

    If you were using different gels etc and have stopped using them then your hair can appear lighter. However loss of hair density can do this also.

    BTW are your hair density issues due to illness, nutrient deficiencies, medicines or genetics? If you don't know get it investigated asap as other body organs will be affected. Common problems that cause thinning hair are iron (haemoglobin and/or ferritin), vitamin D and B12 deficiencies, thyroid illnesses and genetic female pattern baldness. You will need to tell your GP of any other symptoms such as fatigue, brittle nails etc to get them to do blood tests as just having thinning hair isn't enough.
  • KurlyKBKurlyKB Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. My hair doesn't feel dry, so I'll stick to my routine for the time being, but good to know about another alternative.

    My hairloss was down to a bad reaction to home hair dye about 8 years ago (had used many times before). It was quite thick at the time but handfuls fell all over the top of my head and around my crown and has stayed pretty thin ever since. Needless to say I've not dyed it since! I don't shed a great deal, and I take biotin suppliments to give my hair an extra boost.
  • PATRICIA_BPATRICIA_B Registered Users Posts: 37
    I was having hair fall problem and current condition I've to use hair extensions. It's good to learn some useful information regarding hair care. As a new user of hair wigs I believe above provided information will help me out a lot. Thanks for writing about this topic.

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