My hair is falling out....

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in clumps!


Recently I've decided to take even better care of my hair. I've been natural for almost 5 years now, and before this happened I had reached MBL. I had grown tired of both doing my hair and my hair not being done. (If that makes any sense.) I didn't have time to always make sure my hair is in top shape due to work and school so I was tired of it always looking a mess.

So I decided to get a sew in. And oh my God. I had tracks showing and everything. Not to mention the hair was sewn in too tight. I started to take the sew in down immediately. When my roommate got home, she took it the rest of it down because I had only gotten so far and she knew how to do it, I didn't.

I told the hairstylist about it and she offered 5 washes and a color for free in return for the bad job. So a few days later I went to get it washed, deep conditioned, and flat ironed. After doing so, when she turned my chair around, my hair was so flat! But I thought nothing of it, I just thought that she made it too straight.

Today, a week later, I returned to my usual wash day routine. As I was detangling my hair, it started to come out in clumps. And now it is so thin! I've never had this problem and I don't know what to do with it or even what really caused it. Does anyone have any tips for me? Will my hair grow back to the thickness it was before? I'm scared and stressed now.


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    Hair fall is a very scary and stressed reason indeed. I've seen many girls in early age lost hair and started using wigs. Natural hair is far better than wigs. From styling to cleaning natural hair is perfect. I think you should use coconut oil, and apply Mehndi paste to your hair. I hope you'll achieve a positive result after someday.

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