Get through a very, very bad cut C3

zpiezpie Registered Users Posts: 2
I made a horrible mistake and took my 11 year old daughter in for a "trim". She is half black and has soft coily hair. She had never had a trim; her ends were dry and causing a lot of tangling.
The hair dresser took way to much off the ends, it's horribly un-even and she used THINNING SHEARS on my poor babys hair.

I'm just so upset. My daughter said she feels like a "monster" now.

We can still tie her hair back (barely) so that is what we'll do to get through this. Has anyone had to deal with growing out hair that has been butchered by thinning shears? My hair is almost straight and my daughters "kinky" haired family lives out of the country so i struggle with trying to support and help my daughter with her hair.

Any ideas or words of encouragment are greatly appriciated!

Many thanks,


  • claudine191claudine191 Registered Users Posts: 8,221 Curl Connoisseur
    I wish I could help you. It's been a few years since I had a terrible haircut, but there were certainly many barrettes, ponytails, and tears involved.

    I wonder if reading the Curly Nikki blog would help? Also, if you're able to discern your daughter's hair type, asking questions on the Type 3 (?) board may be useful.

  • PATRICIA_BPATRICIA_B Registered Users Posts: 37
    Hello zpie!! Sorry to hear about that! Your little baby must have suffered great depression after such hair trim. I hope from next time you'll visit a professional place, where they actually care for baby's hair.

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