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I have very fine, low porosity type 3a/b hair and I'm wondering if I should use gel or mousse? And should I apply the mousse before or after moisturizer and oil¿ thanks :)


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    Hi! My hair is fine, low po 2c/3a so pretty similar. I haven't used a mousse yet that I've liked but I would say you should look into the LOC method...

    It's leave-in, oil on the ends to seal and then a cream. Some people follow up with gel or mousse and then others just skip the creme and do the gel/mousse.

    My favorite gel so far is Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thank you, I'll have to try it out
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    I have coarse hair but I love mousses. My faves are the ones in my siggy. Suave isn't CG-safe but I co-wash with cetrimonium chloride and I haven't had much problem (I still clarify once in a while, though). PM might be good for you as it is very lightweight.
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    I'm 3b and I tend to like gel for that initial hard hold. I wash once a week and if I want to add more product in, I either use a bit of gel mixed with olive oil (applied to dampened hair) or mousse. I also like to use mousse for my crown since mousse is lighter than gel and encourages volume. In either case, the mousse/gel is the last step for me, since it seals everything in and helps the hair keep it form.

    Don't be afraid to experiment to see what's best for you though! Herbal Essences makes nice, affordable, CG-friendly gels and mousses. Best of luck!

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