At home color recs?

Wavygirl1Wavygirl1 Registered Users Posts: 165
I am looking for recs for at home coloring to cover grays. My hair color is med/dark brown and wavy. Would prefer CG, mostly natural, easy to find and easy to use. I haven't had my hair colored in years and have never done it myself. Thanks!
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    Wavygirl, I use L'Oreal Preference which you can find in any drugstore. I had tried Clairol and Revlon and didn't like them as well.

    My advice may not be exactly what you had in mind but it's what was advised for me and what I later on advised my sister.

    First, You need to decide if you want permanent or semi-permanent hair color or henna. Read up on the internet as much as you can.

    Second, if you want permanent color, I highly advise that before you color at home, have your hair colored professionally in the best salon you can afford. You will learn a lot by watching what they do, and you will get an idea of what shade of brown will work for you, how long to leave it on, etc.

    Good luck and if you have any specific questions, please post again.
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    I'm also med to dark brown and have had bad experiences with box dye. I like the Ion brand from Sally. I've used the perm and Demi perm color. It tends to pull darker than expected so start out a level or 2 lighter and go from there. I use an additive from Sally called grey Magic to help cover grey. If you are brown and use a permanent color, esp with 20vol or higher, be aware that you're likely to develop "hot roots", where the roots look lighter and much redder than the rest. I have used "unred" in my color mix with some success but they can be hard to avoid, so I tend to prefer to use demi instead.
  • waymire01waymire01 Registered Users Posts: 117 Curl Neophyte
    I used Loreal excellence for years and never had a bad experience and my hair stayed healthy... until I tried to come back from ombre but that was more of the fact that I was dealing with multitonal hair. Helpful hint: stick with one color. I had it "fixed" at a salon and they destroyed my hair, fried beyond belief.. now looking at a chop. Wish I had just stayed with my old faithful.
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    After trying lots of different home coloring products, I've landed on Sally's Beauty Supply's AGEbeautiful Anti-aging Permanent Liqui-creme Haircolor
    I mix 2 different colors together to get the perfect match to my natural hair. It covers grey so well and leaves my hair very soft.

    I always apply my color over coconut oil since my hair is dry. I melt 1/4 cup of coconut oil and apply to all my hair- roots to tips. If I have time I leave it on overnight or for a couple of hours, If I don't I apply the oil then the color immediately. Don't rinse the oil out. I then apply my color. You apply the color over the top of the coconut oil as per the instructions then rinse your hair as usual. The coconut oil is pulled into the hair along with the color and it leaves you rhair more conditioned than before you colored.
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    Any semipermanent seems to work about the same for me to cover greys. I like the semi permanent because then you don't have the roots growing out and you have to touch up either every 4-6 weeks anyway.
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    Y'all might gasp in terror at this....
    But I have two different brands I like to use . Natural Instincts OR Revlon colorsilk. It takes 3-4 boxes for me. I use Light Ash Brown on the top layers and Medium ash brown on my underneath layers. Keeps my hair shiny and lovely. ! The ash tones out my natural brassy from the Southern sun.
  • 10sylvia510sylvia5 Registered Users Posts: 39
    I used to get my hair coloured in the salon, but although they do colour hair really well , they don't understand curly / wavy hair at all and don't do anything like the cg method and they are expensive.
    So I started home colouring and have discovered E salon they take you thro a whole questionnaire all about your hair and then their own stylist custom make your colour.
    I have done this 3 times now and loved each time. They have been really helpful changed the formula for my when I wanted, even told my what I couldn't do . The kit comes with really detailed instruction and way less expensive than my salon.
    I will definitely stick with them.
  • lalasophialalasophia Registered Users Posts: 7
    Hi everyone :smile:! Have you tried color activating pigment mousse? This works well on my dark brown hair. It returns hair back to its natural black/brown shade and works with hair that is up to 70% grey.

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