'Don't Treat Me Like a Baby'

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'American Horror Story's' Ma Petite: Don't Treat Me Like a Baby

I don't watch AHS but this grievance she expresses brings up an interesting point about dwarfism. I remember in college we were taking a course on cultural competency (which people in general are sorely lacking) and the topic of little people came up. Some of the "don'ts" were treating them like babies, patting them on the head or picking them up without permission, baby-talking, etc. Do any of you have first-hand accounts of this? What are your opinions on the video?
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    I have not watched the video yet but I can say I have never seen anyone do anything like that and we have 3 or 4 little people in my county. People generally have nicknames since childhood like "Big" Jim, etc. No different than calling the 7ft guy Tiny.

    I can not imagine seeing someone do that. I have witnessed people following around in stores and taking second or third glances and someone saying "hey, mini me".

    I almost ran over a little woman with my buggy in the grocery store one day. I was booking it, heading for the check out. I could not see her at all. She really was not that much bigger than Ma. Luckily I happened to see a flash of purple from her shirt and stopped just in time. It scared us both.
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    My step dad was a little person (he passed away a few years ago). I can say that I never witnessed any baby talk or people trying to pick him up.

    I do remember one time in Jr. High school, he had come to pick me up and was waiting near the office, and the one other kid in the hall was like "Check that little guy out!" or some nonsense, I just looked at him "dude that's my dad"
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