Issues with matting

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Hi all,

Wonder if anyone has any tips for combating matting in my under-layer?

I have super dense, fine, longish hair, not sure on porosity. Whenever I wear my curls out, within a couple of hours the under-layer at the back of my head has matted into dreadlocks. Second day curls is a pipe dream to me at the moment, if I left it without brushing at the end of the day I'd have to cut it all off it would be so matted!

I have quite a problem with split ends, is this maybe part of the problem? Also, are split ends a moisture or protein issue? I'm pretty new to this so still figuring a lot of it out!

If it helps, my current routine is shampoo/condition with Redken Curvaceous Curls (RO), Joico oil, gel (a random brand I found at a local department store, works OK but recommendations would be great!)

Thanks for your help :)


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    Hahaha yes "dreadlock" might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much, it does get seriously matted and I have to fight pretty hard to get it untangled. I guess this is probably causing damage which is making it matt worse.

    I do detangle when it's soaking wet and use a wide-toothed comb, it just tangles again once it's dry. I'll definitely try going cone free; I thought I already had but it turns out there's cones in the conditioner I was using so I'm going to switch.
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    Maybe try a deep treatment. Concentrate on that area.
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