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Hello all! This may get kinda long, but here goes...

I recently went CG this past summer. It wasn't a bad transition, but it could have gone a little better as I began experimenting and finding out my hair properties. I've also worn my hair 'down' in a loose-ish braid after years of keeping it up in a bun. I have 3b curls, about half-way down my back, coarse-textured. My hair's not exactly protein sensitive, but it definitely prefers minimal protein, and only if I rinse it out. My hair has a love-hate relationship with oil; it has to be exactly right or it gets tacky and tangly.

As of right now, my routine is co-wash/detangle once a week using Suave/TN/VO5, either leave in a bit or add some back in, comb through some gel, then either a loose braid or bun until bedtime, at which point I take it down and put on a satin cap. Every 1-2 days I use a spray bottle of water and add some more conditioner in.

Within the past month or so, I've noticed some serious breakage. The breakage is at all different points of my hair, so that makes it hard to cover up. I have plans of taking off at 3, maybe 4 inches at my next trim, but that's in a week or two. I'm thinking this may be a protein issue, so I might start using coconut oil again (my hair didn't like it too much when I used it last). I'm also adding olive oil to my conditioner since I've heard some people say it's helped with their breakage.

Does anyone have any suggestions or previous similar experiences? Anything would be helpful!

Thanks so much!

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