Did CG make your hair better? Notice clumping and tighter curls on CG?

curlybohocurlyboho Posts: 130Registered Users
I was just wondering if any one noticed after they were on the CG routine for a while if they had better clumping and tighter curls? And if they think the reason was the routine?

The reason i ask, i was doing a strict CG routine for the last 3-4 years. My hair was awesome! It was super healthy, I had low frizz, my hair formed in nice clumps, and it was around a 3b/3c....

This summer my husband and I did some major renovations on our house (we did it all ourselves). Unfortunately at the end of the day my hair was full of cellulose insulation and sawdust and CO washing just wasn't getting the crud out, at that point so i started washing my hair everyday with what i think is a healthy sulfate free shampoo. Any how like 4-5 months later my hair is super frizzy, i'm getting more stringy (not nice clumped) curls, and my hair has almost lost curl and went almost 3a-ish on me. I'm wondering if its acting up since i went off CG? Or if something else that has happened in that last few months has triggered it like the city putting more chlorine in my water or switching birth control pills ect.

Im anxious to hear what your results have been on it on the CG....trying to decide if i should start it again or not.
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    I have been a modified CG for a year. I shampoo once month. When I do, after deep conditioning no frizz.
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    I do notice a huge difference going CG. Careless shampooing makes my hair crazy poofy frizzy, the curls just wouldn't clump. And that happens everytime I get a haircut, eventhough they put in my conditioner afterwards. So I usually rewet my hair and load conditioner on it and style it as I usually do.

    Other than DT after shampooing, can you probably cover your length with conditioner or oil before shampooing? The shampoo being washed down your length might also be able to clean all the debris, even if it's diluted. Or wash with diluted shampoo twice, then DT.
    The pre-wash treatment helps keeping enough moisture in and it always does me good, whether it's oil pre-wash treatment or Spritz-to-Condish method prior to cowashing.
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    Do you mean conditioner washing, or CG as a whole? If you mean conditioner washing, yes, definitely, although going CO was coupled with not combing or brushing regularly and I think that made a difference as well. I had significant change in texture for about the first six months of using conditioner to wash. Now it's been fairly stable for about a year, so I think I've maximized the improvement factor. But if you saw the difference in my hair between 2010 and now, you wouldn't believe it was the same head.
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    I use a sulfate shampoo occasionally, and a low/no poo (I'm not sure the difference) as my regular cleanser (co-washing doesn't work for me). Before I used to use a sulfate wash all the time without even knowing it (the bottle says "with no harsh sulfates". There are sulfates in the ingredients, but apparently "not harsh") and my hair was super frizzy. Now it is fine but whenever I start using the sulfate shampoo more often, it frizzes up again.

    If you don't want to go back to CG, maybe do a diluted sulfate wash? You'd be amazed at how much it foams up (I once added water to an empty bottle of shampoo, and just the tiny layer of it stuck to the sides was enough to make the water foam and wash my hair). Also make sure to use a good conditioner if using sulfates.

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    I had been doing modified CG for a while and my hair was doing great. Somewhere along the line I got out of the habit of doing anything I had been doing and was getting so frustrated with my hair again. I found a Ouidad stylist in the area, but they had no openings until after Christmas and wanted a crazy amount for a cut and style. I was so frustrated I went online looking for a hair stylist and found I have a Deva stylist 5 minutes from where I live and relatively cheap. Got a Deva cut, she showed me how to apply products again and I am back to loving my hair!
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  • curlybohocurlyboho Posts: 130Registered Users
    I had done the c/o washing, and thats when my hair seemed the best. Like my curls were tighter and less frizzy. For the last 3 weeks i have been doing a trial run with going back to the c/o washing and it does seem like my hair is getting nicer. Less frizzy any how, i just hope that if I can keep it up I can get back to being a 3c. If I do get construction junk (dry wall dust, sawdust ect) in my hair are there any shampoos you know of that are gentle? Or conditioners that would get crud like that out?
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  • PadraiginPadraigin Posts: 36Registered Users
    It sounds like it is your shampoo if your hair is different all over and not just at the root; however, birth control can change your curls. I went on birth control 19 years ago. I had much curlier hair than I do now, probably 3b or maybe 3c. My hair grew out much straighter. My roots that looked straight. It looked like I was growing out a perm or something. So in my experience, if it were hormones or your bcp, your roots would be different as they are growing out if it's that dramatic of a difference. I'm a wavy now with a few ringlets even though I've haven't been on bcp for 15 years (for non-hair reasons). The curls of my youth never came back, but cg (modified with low-poo) does help my 2b/2c hair look it's best.

    For me, the cg styling method does encourage curls/less frizz, but it hasn't made me have a lot more curl. My curls are more defined? use a sulfate free poo though, so I'm not sure if it is the sulfate free poo that is causing your problems. Conditioner only washing left me limp. I do still cowash, but I alternate. Sulfate free shampoo/conditioner combos often seem to have silicone, so be careful there. My hair is curlier when I use protein treatments. Maybe you need deeper treatments if you are going to low-poo. Could it be your home environment? Did your remodel effect the dew/humidity in your home?
  • Lady_CreoleLady_Creole Posts: 400Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Yes, I notice that since I went natural and practice the CG method that my hair is different...it is healthier and more luscious than it has ever been.

    Since my hair was permed straight before and I didn't try anything else before or since my BC, I don't know any difference in my curls.

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  • curlybohocurlyboho Posts: 130Registered Users
    @Padraigin and every one else... That is interesting what you mentioned about birth control pills...i did go on Tri Sprintec 3 years ago. I really don't know if that would make a difference or not. The other thing is that I am starting to get greys a little :( and I have been dying them since my hair is so dark they really show up. I don't know if its a combo of going off cg, going on bcp, and dying?

    Its funny i got so used to having tight curls that i'm a little lost right now with them not being there. I was looking through some old pictures andit just makes me sick to see the difference between how they are now and how they were :( i could almost cry!

    I figured I would just post some pictures to show you guys all the difference I'm talking about...

    First pic is taken in 2009 so like 6 years ago i was 20ish and doing the CG routine...(i wasn't on bcp then)...hair was around the same length as it is now...

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  • curlybohocurlyboho Posts: 130Registered Users
    Second picture in this attachment was taken this November for a wedding (not doing cg, on tri sprintec and dying)...look at the difference!!! :sad: irg i want my hair to be back to what the first pic looked like!!!
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  • BeinDebBeinDeb Posts: 583Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I've been doing CG just since February of 2014. I can say wholeheartedly, that CG has made a WORLD of difference for me. I honestly had no idea how curly my hair was. It has always had wave and tremendous volume...like cotton candy poof. In the Fall of 2013, my Daughter suggested that I try one of those beach wave sprays as a means of controlling the poof factor. I was amazed at how it curled my hair. Unfortunately, after a few months of use, it also dried it out - horrendously. I was at a total loss as to what to do for it.

    One day, I was looking at a picture of my Grandmother. She too, had poofy hair that she wore short, and always had perms. A thought popped into my head. What if her hair was curly and she was using perms as a means to control it? I Googled curly hair, and found the Curly Girl handbook. I immediately bought it, and shortly thereafter, started doing CG. A short while later, I found this site.

    The results were immediate and profound. I felt like I had someone else's hair on my head! I started trying some of the methods and using products that I read about on this forum, and the rest is history. Although CG made a tremendous difference by taming the poof into real live curls, what really did it for me was the first protein treatment I did. I went from a 2a to a 3a/b! It was curling at the roots and a few real live spirals shyly poked through. I now know after much trial and error that my hair loves protein. I suspect it's a genetic thing, as when I started CG, I had already quit using heat, chemicals, etc, approximately 5 years before when my hair turned silver.

    Conditioner washing, elimination of sulfates, etc. has made me LOVE my wild, crazy hair for the first time in my 55 years! Who knew?!?! I still feel guilty for the abuse I unknowingly put it through.

    So, yes. Yes! Yes! Yes. CG makes a HUGE difference!!!
  • BeinDebBeinDeb Posts: 583Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Oops. Double post.
  • TallcurlyTallcurly Posts: 17Registered Users
    I'm working on getting gradually into the CG method so I'm no expert on that, but I would suggest protecting your hair from future construction dust with a bandana or soft hair bonnet. It may not be glamorous, but at least you won't have a mess in your hair.
    3A? Supersoaker method with KCCC followed by diffused drying. Trying to work toward CG method for my bleached, abused hair, but can't seem to put away the hair dryer. :disgust:
  • BotticelliBritBotticelliBrit Posts: 2,075Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've definitely noticed my hair getting curlier and shinier and clumping better, after just over a year of cutting sulfates. There's a vast difference in my curls now than from when I started IMO
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  • CatitudeBooCatitudeBoo Posts: 590Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    [Modified] CG method definitely has made my hair more moisturized, defined and pleasing to the eye. I never knew my hair could look like this :)
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  • curlybohocurlyboho Posts: 130Registered Users
    You know the funny thing is that for the brief few months i had been using shampoo I had terrible dandruff my scalp was all dry and itchy and of course like I mentioned stringy loose curls. Since I started this post I have restarted my cg routine I had followed for years (co wash every other day...rub with lavender and black castor oil...and 1-2xs a month wash with baking soda then ph balancing rinse) since I started back up when I posted my original comment, in just the 4-5 weeks since then my scalp is already healthier no itching or dandruff...hopefully I can keep the drywall dust out so I don't have to shampoo again! Even my hubby commented at how much better my hair is looking...
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  • HISdaughter8HISdaughter8 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Hi Curlyboho - I was strictly CG Method for years! And then, I had a baby.... hormones took over and I chopped my hair off and began to straighten it. I just recently started doing the CG Method again and my curls are coming back to life. How do you use the lavender and black castor oil in your hair?

  • WavyohwellWavyohwell Posts: 16Registered Users
    still trying it out :D

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