Itchy scalp after Aphogee 2Step?

missduckettmissduckett Posts: 9Registered Users
I'm doing some serious damage control so I've been using the Aphogee 2step treatment. I did one last week and two weeks before that with great results in regards to breakage and manageability. BUT the past two weeks my scalp has been soooooooooooo itchy!!! I figure it's because of the treatments but what I don't know is if it's because I did two treatments so close together or if it's just bc I have really sensitive skin. I can't say for sure but I don't think it was itching after the first treatment...just started after the second. Has anybody else dealt with this after using the 2step treatment? How did you counter the itchy dry scalp??

When i washed my hair this week I did an olive & coconut oil (with a few drops of peppermint and tea tree oils) treatment on my scalp in hopes that it would help (what I usually use when my scalp gets dry) but no, still really itchy.

What should I do? I don't want to stop using the treatment (although I'm not opposed to spacing out the treatments a bit) because it is definitely helping A LOT but I can't take this itching!


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    I had that same problem. My hair adores protein treatments, the scalp, not so much. I recently tried organic aloe vera gel on my hair, and have found it did wonders for my scalp - I have some age/hormone related eczema issues that seem to extend to my scalp as well. As it is a humectant, I was reluctant to use it much during this cold weather we've been having, but it's been working well by just doing (as much as possible) a scalp only application.
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    I've used the aphogee treatment several times without any scalp irritation. I would definitely space the treatments out more and you could try only applying it an inch or so down from your roots. If it doesn't get better after this I would consider a different source of protein because it's probably not worth it if it results in future scalp issues that you will then have to treat.
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    I always use a moisturizing or deep conditioner on the same day after a protein conditioner. It has always keep everything balanced for me.
    My Routine:
    Coconut oil drench the night before I co-wash
    then cowash and deep condition each time w/ Keracare Humecto, Joico Moisture Recovery and/or ApHogee 2min
    then usually airdry
    Grapeseed oil nightly

    (no gel, mouse, or hair spray. My delicate, fine hair will tear if I even try to run my fingers through it with any of those. :angel9:)
    My go to leave ins are now: my regular conditioners listed above, gs oil, or PW77
  • missduckettmissduckett Posts: 9Registered Users
    OMG. so its been two weeks since the last treatment, no relief!! I took some benadryl the first two nights after my first post, with some relief but it makes me soooooooooo sleepy so i cant keep taking it. Today was wash day and i did a light ACV rinse in hopes it would neutralize whatever imbalance was causing this itchy itchy scalp but, no....nothing. im going crazy over here. Someone plz help!!

    Also, something different I've used the past few weeks is the Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair and the tea tree leave in treatment (orangish liquid in a spray bottle)...could either of those be a culprit? Anyone have itchy scalp after that shampoo or spray?

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