I'm brand new! How often do you get your hair cut?

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I'm growing my hair. I got it cut extremely short - about 1 - 2 inches all over in August. (I wanted to cut out the bleached, dry color) So I'm currently completely natural - dark blonde with some gray (God's highlights!) and my curls have returned. It's been 8 weeks since my last trim and I am scheduled to get my first (!) dry haircut at the end of next month. I just discovered this website and started using the Deva products and am loving my little short curls! I'm a 2A - 3A or B. (I'm not sure yet) My goal is to grow it to shoulder length once it's dried. Obviously I don't want to get cuts too often. Any advice or personal experience with growing out from that short? TIA.
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    Some people here have said they only get a cut once a year. For me, I get a trim twice a year and may clip a few ends here and there.
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    I'm growing out from completely bald!!! The main problem I had was getting the top hairs to grow down and catch up with the hair growing lower down on my head. This gave me a very weird phase at about 6-8 months after my hair started to grow. It looked very uneven and messy. So I scheduled a Devacut, and now my layers are back to being more matched up with each other. So you are still going to need some cuts while you are growing, but once it gets close to shoulder length all over, you won't need too much cutting. I plan on needing another cut in maybe 4-6 months, but we'll see, I would like to go longer, but I still have some hair on the sides that needs to catch up and may need to get a cut to match all that up sooner.

    Anyway, I have pictures on my website of the before and after Devacut.

    Don't be afraid of color either! My curls look so good dark. It's a totally different look for me and I love it!
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    Thanks for the feedback. Great photos, Izzy! How do you classify your curls? Mine are very similar - in the front and sides anyway. They are more wavy/less curly in the back. I'm curious to see if the back will curl up after I am on the CG for awhile. Right now I'm using the low-poo (the store was out of no-poo) and the OC and the set it right spray. I suspect my deva cut will be very much like yours when I get it next month....
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    I guess I would say 3a. I definately have little springs and ringlets. Some of the sides take a less defined curl, but it's still a curl. Soaking wet my hair looks kind of straight, but as soon as I dry even a little the curls spring up. Was less curly before CG, but even when I blow-dryed I had fairly curly hair.
    Izzy, started CG in January after being bald for over a year!
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    I get mine trimmed about every 8 weeks. Sometimes I can go longer than that, and sometimes it needs to be trimmed more often. I generally only get a 1/4 to 1/2 inch off.
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    what do you mean your hair was less curly before cg? how could cg make hair curlier?
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    Dry hair isn't always as curly as well condtioned hair that is well taken care of. Shampoo takes some of the curl out of the top of my hair. The rest does fine but the top ack
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    I get my hair trimmed about 3 times a year. When I can no longer comb my wet hair because the comb gets snagged up in the ends then I know it's time.

    I have subtle layers because that's what works best for me.
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    I trim mine two three times a year or as needed.
    If my ends get dry and tangly then I know it's time. Unless I'm trying to keep a certain length I just trim as little as possible.
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    I get a trim once a year. Trying to let it grow out.
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    I get mine trimmed religiously every 6-8 weeks. My hair grows pretty fast. In January '06, my hair was cut very short - above my ears - and it's now below my shoulders. It would probably be much longer if I didn't get it trimmed as often, but I feel like it keeps it healthier.
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    I used to get my bangs & layers reshaped every 2-4 months, but I've been without a stylist since November.

    I haven't had anything other than the very outermost ends trimmed & my bangs reshaped at a quickie/cheapie place. I didn't know if I wanted to get a Deva cut or get relayered, & I didn't know if I could trust the quickie/cheapie place with anything else.

    So it's been 5 months & counting since I got layers. I just have to find a new stylist, one I can trust to do a great job without me having to wait a month or more for an appointment, & inexpensively.
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    I bought scissors last Saturday and I was thinking of cutting the ends myself. I haven't had the courage to do it yet!
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    I started the thread about what was the longest anyone has gone without a haircut - for me, right now, it's 4 months exactly, and I'm really hoping to go a minimum of 2-3 months more before even a little trim. My last haircut was too short for my liking, and I'd like to have lots longer hair. Even better if I could go a whole year. The only thing I've done is to trim my bangs once, but they are due for another trim soon(keeping my bangs as I look good in them). No, I'm not letting my bangs grow out - that's even more painful and slow than growing out the rest of the hair to a longer length, because there are months and months of what was bangs either looking horrible or you just cannot do anything with that section of hair! Another reason for going much longer between haircuts then I don't have to feel bad about spending as much as $55 plus tip for a cut.(I was paying $20 in Santa Fe where I lived for a long time up until late last year). Right now, my hair doesn't even look like I've gone 4 months without cutting it - the shape is still good. I'll likely go back to the same haircutter, but it will be so much longer that I will not have it cut so short. The back part of my hair is just above shoulder length, and I'd love to have another 8 inches on it, at least, so it's going to take awhile. I have longish layers throughout my hair, with shorter pieces around the front, so this should look OK as it all grows longer.
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    I honestly don't follow a schedule. When I see quite a few splits, I trim.
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    If you're trying to grow your hair long then I would recommend trimming it only 2 times a year. I usually have it trimmed once or twice a year.
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    I never o to a stylist to get my hair cut or trimmed.
    I do s&d sometimes and that works fine for me.

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