defining dry curls

_megaanxx3_megaanxx3 Posts: 1Registered Users
Okay so my hair is very curly in the back and curly at the bottom. Towards the roots its some what straight and its the dryest part. I have a hard time getting it to look nice. What can I do to simply define the curls and make them look moisturized? Please help


  • curlygirlINcurlygirlIN Posts: 70Registered Users
    Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and makes my hair really shiny and bouncy...
  • fifi_lilyfifi_lily Posts: 9Registered Users
    You can try kinky curly curling custard it works really well and makes your curly pop😄
  • fizz19fizz19 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Just scrunch with some gel or mousse, but if you don't mind using heat a super small curling iron (like a 1/2 inch) used just at the top guarantees results.
  • MevcurlsMevcurls Posts: 3Registered Users
    You should try pantene's new curly line if its not to heavy for your hair but beware use a leave- in and \ or glycerin + water with it because I have been told it dry out hair also try garnier curl scrucnch gel or other curly products too. These products helped my hair alot . I try the pantene curling custard and garnier curl scrunch gel along one damp to dry hair for the best results for my 4a \3c hair but it may work for you . Also you should try the curly girl method which is basically - washing hair with conditioner , using the same conditioner as a leave in or using a leave- in moisturizer then applying oil such as coconut oil , argan oil or olive oil to seal then applying gel for greater curl definition if desired . You can also use a sulfate free conditioner and all products should be sulfate,silicone,mineral oil and petroleum free with the exception of water soluble silicones which desolve in water. You can find more info on this on as well as product recommendations . Also you may want to try the rake and curl method or the shingling method which I have used to define my curls but now I use the smoothing method. You may find info on these methods on youtube. Also you may want to use a humecant condish when washing and leaving in then applying oil as an anti -humecant and using an anti -humecant gel. I suggest trying eco styler gel though it has glycerin which is a humecant but ntoing beats a trial and its cheap. :) If it doesn't work try ampro styl gel -crystal. I recommend vo5 and tresemme naturals as conditioners and leave ins just try to apply the oil to your scalp first if using vo5 since it may itch if leaving in but won't if doing normal conditioning . You should also check for the oils at health stores were these oils may be sold unrefined . One tip is coconut oil in my opinion is the best but must be clear to whitish because if it is yellow it has impurities . It must have a coconuty aroma and taste if not it is refined . It may also smell like roasted coconuts if it has been slightly refined. To prevent oily hair just apply a few drops at first to see how your hair looks . It really helps with shine and keeps your hair feeling softer since it has more moisture. You should read on it on wiki how too. Also your hair may look bad at first since it is trying to adjust so bun it or do updo at that time or roller set for heatless curls or straight hair during this time which may be 21 days . Also oil is not a moisturizer and you can just use glycerin + water a s a leave in and curl refresher and your straight roots may just be because your hair is being wayed down by your hair length or your hair may just grow that way since its a looser curl pattern .Hope this helped. :)

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