Rhassoul clay = clean scalp; well not for me :(

Hi everyone,

I heard about rhassoul clay a while ago as a great no-poo method for cleaning the scalp and relieving it of flakes. As someone that has always had a flakey scalp problem I researched recipes and jumped on this straight away. A year later (with sporadic attempts at using RC) and I still haven't had any luck. Every time I use it I get the same fresh flakes on my scalp with an oily feel and quick to dry hair, the latter is not as much of a problem as is the former. The only think that results in it is the curl definition. First I bought a mud wash shampoo that was already mixed but it had a lot of oil, as in you could see it oozing like palm oil in Nigerian soup before draining, so I took that fail as a too much oil. Since then I have tried numerous homemade recipes with a decent brand of clay using combinations of AVJ, EVOO, avocado oil, ess. tea tree oil, ess. ylang ylang oil, ess. peppermint oil, ess. rosemary oil, ACV, marshmallow root, slippery elm, neem oil, green tea and of course water. The closest to good scalp results I have gotten has been from water, ACV and clay as a more watery concoction. Tried the same today after a long spell and it was back to crap, flakes and all.

Now I know that I could just say "this doesn't work for me" and hang in the towel but curiosity and tenacity is getting the better of me. Why does this work for all but me? Or am I alone in flakey rhassoul clay results? I have pondered if this is a detox side effect - 3-4 times is the max consecutive stint I've used the clay but others don't seem to have this problem.

Any rhassoul experts to help or fellow rhassoul failures to console out there?


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