Suggestions please! Wanting to start CG method!

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Hi Everyone! I currently just bought the As I am Coconut Co-Wash as well as the Shea Moisture Black African Soap Purification Conditioner. I am planning on alternating between the two. However, now that I am going CG, I can't use my old products (ie. Garnier Curl Defining Cream). I want to use products that will wash out with my co-washes and won't have silicone, sulfates, parabens, etc. I believe my hair is 3a or 3b (if someone could give me their input on that too, that would be great). But other than that, I would love if people could possibly show me a picture of their hair with the product they recommend and tell me the pros/cons of it! I'm looking for something that doesn't need to be washed out daily because I only wash my hair two times a week, and I like products that won't make my hair feel gross the next day after using it!

Thanks so much! I have attached an image of myself here with my hair wet (right out of the shower)


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    Shea moisture products will dry out your hair. I use tresemme naturals conditioner in addition to as I am cowash. I use eden body works deep conditioner. As I am leave in conditioner and la looks wet look gel. I also got a deva cut and long over due for a trim.

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