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I'm looking for some ideas from my fellow curlies. I'm at a point in my life where I'm looking for something. Not sure what that is. I've been married for just about 21 years. I'm happily married; no issues there.

My son is 20. He is still living at home but also has a life of his own (college, girlfriend, p/t job),

The three of us are very close. My husband and son play softball together 3 nights a week and I occasionally go to their games. We do a lot of things together so everything is great there.

The last 21 years of my life have been dedicated to my husband and son. It was my choice and I don't regret any of it. But, I'm now at a point where I'm feeling like I need a hobby or something. I saw a long time friend post a picture on FB of her having dinner with her good friends. We don't live near each other so it's not like I feel left out. Anyways, they get together once a week and have dinner and chat and just have a good time. I have to admit...I was jealous that I don't have that. It's my own doing. I go to work everyday, go to the gym 3 nights a week and hang out with my husband and son. I chose that life and loved it. But I feel like I'm missing something now if I'm not spending time with my husband and son. I only have 1 son. Most of the women I know still have kids in school so I feel like I can't relate much. I'm in a different place in my life. My husband and son do their own things too. They have other interests. Here is where I need some ideas from you. What is out there that a 43 year old married woman can do for fun? Hobbies? Groups?

Thanks for reading. I appreciate any ideas!


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    Is there something you enjoyed greatly before you were married and a mother?
  • pinksugarpinksugar Posts: 2,346Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Is there something you enjoyed greatly before you were married and a mother?

    Not that I can remember. I was working nights and taking college classes during the day. Once I found a better job (I'm still at the same company) I quit going to school. :?
  • claudine191claudine191 Posts: 8,221Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Well, did you enjoy particular classes, whether in high school or college?
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    I suggest volunteering. You'll meet people and many places will either let you set your hours or have a flexible schedule. Through this, you'll meet people who do other things and you'll learn about lots of different things (which will help you find a hobby! )

    I think it's difficult to make friends as we get older, easier to make acquaintances (bc everyone has their own stuff going on).

    I'm sorry you feel like something is missing but I'm happy you are working to change that. Please keep us posted.
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    You could try meet up groups to meet new people and find a group with similar interests.

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    Look up a local knotting place. They love teaching you and groups of all ages are always gathering there to knit and talk.
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    Maybe a sports club? I have friends that have made friends through Zumba & running groups.
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    Thank you for the suggestions. Volunteering sounds really good to me. I can't believe I didn't think of that. I do belong to a gym so taking some classes there is also a very good option. I used to take Zumba and a Boot Camp class in a different location and I loved it.

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    Is there a local college or high school that offers "continuing education" courses? Some have everything from book clubs to ceramics classes, to philosphy, fashion courses, ice skating, languages - you name it.

    Very good question for anyone at a crossroad in life.
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    I second volunteering. What makes you feel passionate? I LOVE animals so I volunteer for a shelter and I love math so I tutored kids for about a year. Otherwise, is a great resource to join others to do things you also enjoy.
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    I love the volunteering idea. I did it before I had kids and will start again when they're older. It helps others and you get something out of it, too. Win-win. I used to work the suicide hotline late night shift. Eventually, I would like to hold the babies at the hospital who have no parents or visit w/ lonely really old ppl in nursing homes.

    You've worked at the same place for a long time...are there any women there whose company you enjoy? Can you plan a twice a month happy hour outing or something?

    Do you play card or some kind of game? Maybe invite some women over from work or the neighborhood or the gym or whatever and play the game one night a week. If some of them don't know how, teach them. Make some refreshments; if it takes off maybe some of them will offer to host it at their homes sometimes too.

    Or can you plan a road trip occasionally to meet up w/ the friends on FB?

    If you go to church there is probably a women's group or a Bible study group or a 40something group, etc.

    Are you creative? You can sign up for a craft class at Jo-Ann's or some type of art class at a local college or arts center.

    You could also do a Big Sister or mentoring thing on the wknds if you like schoolage kids.

    But that's awesome that the three of you are still so close; you're doing a great job as a wife and mother!

  • pinksugarpinksugar Posts: 2,346Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I knew I could come here and get some great ideas. It's funny, as I'm reading these suggestions I'm noticing there are things I have thought about before. But when I posted this question I couldn't think of one thing. I do love animals. We have a local shelter that I could volunteer at some weekends. Continuing education is something I would love to do. I went to pick up my son's books a couple months ago and loved being on campus. I felt like, "I want to be here learning!".

    Unfortunately, I don't have anything in common with the women I work with. Big age differences. The next closest in age to me is about 12 years older and we really just would not do anything together outside of work. The other 3 women are in their 70's. But the work thing is a whole other topic.

    My husband and I were talking the other night about joining a church near work (we live about 45 minutes away) so that we (I) can get involved there. I used to be greatly involved with our church before we moved 10 years ago.

    Thanks again for all of the great suggestions!
  • pinksugarpinksugar Posts: 2,346Registered Users Curl Connoisseur

    But that's awesome that the three of you are still so close; you're doing a great job as a wife and mother!

    Thank you so much, spiderlashes5000! This means so much to me.

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