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Hello! I am extremely new here, so if this topic has been talked to death somewhere else, I apologize, I just haven't found it yet D:

I have somewhere in between 3a and 3b hair, and for the most part I have found a routine that works for me, but no matter what I do my hair always falls flat on top, and doesn't start to curl until just below my ears. I have heard things like plopping and layers can help, but I'm going for length here and would rather not thin it out at all, and I could never learn to sleep with my hair all tied up in funny ways. Are there any tips and techniques for adding more volume, products that I should/shouldn't be using, etc.?

My hope is to achieve Carrie Fletcher-level (picture below, for those who don't know 'er :) ) hair or maybe a bit fluffier.


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    A couple of ideas: some people have success styling or diffusing upside down to create more volume or curl at the roots. The other technique is clipping the roots while the hair dries to get some lift. If you search the forum for clipping, you'll find a number of threads on clipping techniques, some with links to videos that will help you learn. I hope that helps. :)
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    In addition to what was already mentioned I usually use a pic to fluff up my roots when my hair is dry and get more volume. I'll also twist small sections around my finger with gel when wet which gives me more definition and curl right at the root if I have time for air drying.
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    3a hair doesn't have the root curl, so that could be a little part of the problem. Another thing is layers. Do you have them?? The weight of your hair could be pulling out the curl. You need the layering to help with the shape--avoid the dreaded pyramid look.

    Last of all, do you know your hair properties?? Here's a link to help Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free It's the best way to help determine what ingredients/products your hair might like. I know that protein really helps me with volume. Of course, my hair is no longer dense (age and health issues) or long.
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    I do the same thing with Wildfox. After my hair dries, and in the following mornings, too, I shake my head and tease the root a bit with hair pick.

    With some stylers, I don't clip the roots anymore (but I do have short hair and that helps with the lightweight curls). But, I still rinse upside down and I brush. Yeap, I love my Denman because it gives my uniform, clumpy curls and it helps with frizz-taming.

    Also be careful with heavy buildups. I found guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride to stick to my scalp. It's just me, though. I'm sure some other curlies find it amazing.
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    Thanks all for replying! :) I think I'm going to try flipping my head upside down and twisting with the gel, because I usually wash 'n go with little time in the morning. Thank you kathymack for the links! Very informational :)
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    Have you tried curl clips? They are usually sold in beauty supply stores.

    When I got my hair done at a Ouidad Salon, they added curl clips at the root of my hair to create lift. They took them out when my hair was 70% dry and they dried my hair upside down for the other 30% until fullt dried.
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