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Hey everybody! For months now I've been contemplating dying my hair a blonde color like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones (annnd no, I don't actually even watch the show). My natural hair is medium brown with some blondish tint to it in some areas that can be seen in the sunlight, so it really isn't too dark. I was thinking of dying it once my hair gets a little longer - so at least a few months.

I have some questions on how I should go about this:

1.) I live around Chicago. I do not want to risk getting anything else than my desired hair color, so I want to go to a reputable salon and not do this myself. What are the best salons in the Chicagoland area?

2.) Will my hair lose its curl if I bleach it?

3.) How often would I need to recolor my roots?

**note: included pics are me and my desired hair color


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    Your roots will start showing through at 4 -6 weeks. However you don't need to colour them immediately. Ideally you leave as long as possible between processing your hair again as you want to minimise overlapping colour as this will weaken your hair.

    Personally I would have a consultation with a colourist at a salon as platinum blonde may leave you looking washed out and sickly looking especially as you have long hair that is naturally dark. I've seen TV stars with platinum blond hair in real life and they looked washed out there as on screen they looked good.

    You need to take in consideration when colouring your hair that nature gives all of us a hair colour that suits our skin colouring. Drastically changing it can make you look sickly and more so if your hair is long as you have more framing your face and neck.

    I would suggest you go with a truthful friend to a wig shop and try on different colour wigs to see if going that blonde will suit you. (You could also buy a wig instead so you could change hair styles with no damage.) Then go to a salon afterwards for a consultation. Be prepared for a good colourist to refuse to indulge your wishes. Even though you are a paying customer some people are careful to ensure their names aren't attach to anything they think will be disastrous.

    If platinum blonde doesn't suit you other shades of blonde will. Even then some people who look blond have actually just gone a lighter brown.

    Will it change your curl pattern? No one can say for sure but it will definitely make your hair more porous and weaker. This means your hair would be more prone to breakage.

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