How to get natural curls defined when rocking afro

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OK, I have like mostly s shaped curls with some o shaped curls (I guess I'm a 4a, I don't know I don't care) but when my hair is wet my curls and kinks are very defined but as soon as my hair drys my curls gone unless I put gel in my hair. I absolutely LOVEEE AND ADORE!!!!! AFROS!!! They are beautiful to me. I also LOVE my hair texture. And i really want to do like a curly fro that defines my curls without hanging like a wash and go. Every time i try it doesn't work. When i try to do it, before my hair drys I completely coat it with Shea mositure curl in ehancing smoothie. But it leaves my hair sorta kinda defined depending on what my hair wants to do. But lately it hasn't been working at all and I'm not sure why. I can achieve the look I'm talking about when I do a braid out on a twist out but my hair looks 3a-3b ( my profile pic) but I don't want it be that curl pattern ( mostly because I HATE when ignorant kids my school tell me I never knew you had good hair) I want my natural curls to pop while rocking a fro. Can someone help please or give me some advice. ( I'm not trolling I am new here and I see people on here snap at people who ask questions about texture or whatever and sorry if its so long i just want to give as much info as possible so you guys can help me)


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    Hi adoree,

    My guess is that you need a happy medium between your wash and go (defined) and the fro (undefined). Have you tried using gel for your fros, but only a little bit. For example, to do my fro I use a quarter sized amount for my whole head. My hair dries in a wash and go (flat) but when it is dry, I fluff it into a fro.
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    It could be you lose definition because your hair is losing too much moisture as it dries. I find that using a li then sealing is mandatory for my hair. SMCES wasn't moisturizing enough for my hair although it works well for some. I had to use something under it then seal with it. I actually decided yesterday to migrate from gel to curl cream because my hair doesn't like gel as the weather gets cooler. I think gels, curl creams and other stylers are to enhance curls but the moisture level is the real key.
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    4a curls need a balance of hydration and moisture. More hydration than moisture. But if you want an Afro, just put a leave in conditioner then let your hair dry. Putting in a styler will define your curls.
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    I saw a video on Taren Guy's channel with a girl with 4a-ish hair who had her WnG done by a stylist named Dickey. He emphasized the need for extreme moisture on extremely wet hair when you apply your Leave-In.

    I have 4c hair and it works for me, especially in high humidity.
    I used Shea Moisture Curling Gel Soufflé (about 1/2 teaspoon) to produce "juicy" curling clumps that were moisturized and KCCC. These products don't work in cold weather, so I haven't been able to do it lately.


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