Coloring 3c Hair (picture included)

CurlyycarsonCurlyycarson Registered Users Posts: 1
Helko curlies! I have thick 3c hair thay ia currently in boxbraids. I will be taking them down with in 2 weeks and the new growth ia crazy!! :) I want to dye the ends a slightly lighter color than the dark brown I am currently? Any suggestions pertaining to moisture, care and where and how it should be done? Thnx!😘ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1414849865.468024.jpg


  • ONDIAJONDIAJ Registered Users Posts: 4
    I know that this response comes super late, but I always Loreal Excellence For Dark Hair Only. There is no bleach involved but can lift your hair several shades and is a permanent color. Just an option if you choose to color your hair anytime soon! :)

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