Nano 1900 vs Nano 2000

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I wonder if anyone has tried both the Nano Weight Pro 1900 dryer and the Nano Salon Pro 2000. What is the difference when using them? I realize that the specs indicate that the 1900 is lighter and the 2000 more powerful, but it would be more useful to hear from actual users who have tried both. Also, I wonder what the difference in weight is (with diffuser attached) and how long the "fingers" are on the two diffusers.
3a; med-coarse; ii; med or high porosity (or a mix); med elasticity
LOVE CJ products but CJ is no longer sold in Europe and does not ship to Europe so looking for other products. Like Crown Pride and Curly Kinks.
Tools: curlease towel, wide toothed plastic comb, Braun Satin Pro Diffuser.
Current HG: CJ CCCC-lite+BRHG

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