Low Poo Daily?

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November first will be my one month mark with CG routine and I FINALLY hit a breakthrough! :mrgreen:

After several different combinations, I discovered I needed a leave in and a stronger gel than what I was using and have had beautiful curls that are totally blowing me away.

But, here's the kicker...those curls only happen on days when I use sulfate free shampoo on my roots (which I've been doing every 2-3 days). I days that I just co-wash, my curls fall flat.

Has anyone had success shampooing daily? Are there potential drawbacks?


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    I can't shampoo too often. My length can't stand being squeaky clean.

    My scalp needed some time to adjust to cowashing. Not until 2 months in, I can have squeaky clean scalp that lasts until 3-4 days with CO (provided that other products I use don't cause buildup on scalp).

    The flat curls might be because you have buildup on your scalp. Polyquats and heavy oils/butters can do that to curls. So, one suggestion is to check out your conditioner for any suspicious ingredients and change it if there's any.

    But you said that whatever you're using now is doing a good job. IMO, if that works for you, then go for it. There might be lesser damage to the shaft since sulfates may trigger chipping cuticles. But you can prevent that, or at least slow it down by much, by doing pre-wash treatment, either with conditioner or oil.
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    The health of your hair will benefit if you don't wash every single day. Now, low pooing every 2-3 days is fine. It really depends on what type of water you have. If cowashing makes your curls flat, by all means low poo at every wash! I've been low pooing every 2-4 days for the past year, because I had to. I could get away with 1 cowash in between, but no more. I had extremely hard water. Now that I have a softer water, it seems more cowashing is in order.

    It also depends on what conditioner you are using, as well as what products you are using after you cleanse. Some ingredients can be hard to get out with just a cowash - ones like the previous poster mentioned. You may have to start noticing a trend in ingredients and how your hair reacts to figure out what you need to do.
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