Question regarding products for 2nd-3rd Hair day

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Hi all,

I've switched to DevaCurl One Conditioner and Ultra defining gel and it definitely seems to help with my frizz. The problem I have is that the curls become more "waves" and on the second day, even though I sleep with a silk cap, they really don't look that nice anymore. Is there any way I can freshen them up again on the second/third day?

What kind of products could I also look at to get my curls out nicely? I think part of the problem is, that my hair is long and heavy and the curls just don't stay "up" very long. Any other product recommendation would be welcome. I don't want to spend lots of money without knowing if it works first.

The picture is my hair using the Deva Curl Ultra defining gel.

I'm not supposed to use wheat products and small proteins are fine.

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    Hey, we've got similar properties!

    I haven't tried any Deva products since they're quite hard to get without paying ridiculous shipping for me. But I remember that One Conditioner has guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride. I tried a conditioner once that has that ingredient and it killed the volume. My curls got stuck to my scalp. I found that lighter conditioner works better for me.

    My favourite thus far is The Body Shop Banana Conditioner. I've written review about it in the forum. I recently also posted in General Discussion of a panacea conditioner, especially for our properties. I listed several lightweight conditioner that has great ingredients that I think might work for my hair.

    Another thing that is pretty amazing for me is brushing my hair. My Denman is my saviour, not only for detangling, but also for styling. Yep, I brush in my styler. It really helps me with the clumping and defrizzing.

    I don't have any particular product for reviving 2nd day hair and so forth. I usually just softly run a wet hand over the canopy. If I find any wonky curl, I wet that part, brush, apply styler, brush, softly scrunch and pin the curl until it sets for a bit.

    By the way, your curl is suuuuuper gorgeous. I'd kill for that. I haven't had long hair for 4 years now, but I don't think it'd look as pretty as yours.
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    I have been getting consistent second day hair with my Au Rebelle Murumuru Leave in Conditioner! I bun my hair at night, wet my hair down with a spray bottle of water mixed with just a drop or two of carrot seed oil, mix a pea sized amount of the leave in in my hand with a little bit of water and smooth it over my hair and scrunch the rest in.

    It ends up a little lank and looks like its going to go frizzy when its still damp but as it dries I get lovely smooth and curlier than normal wavy hair (just absolutely no touching!!)! Before I had this leave in second day hair would be like flipping a coin but now it is guaranteed and usually looks better than my first day hair!

    Check out anunaturals. com/Products for their range, I have the carrot leave in in the post too! I love them!

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