protein fillers, anyone?

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Anyone ever used a protein filler? Do you use prior to coloring, or is it something you add to the color? Can you use it with drugstore hair color brands, like Nice 'n Easy or Nutrisse? Do they help with porous hair? What do they do?


(I am just full of questions.)
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    Hi Brio,
    I don't know very much about coloring hair but I found this info on one of the other sites I visit. I thought I might try it.
    "don't wash your hair the day before you color it.
    At sally's beauty supply, pick up the liquid protein, it comes in a 1/2 oz & a 2oz white bottle. Keep liquid protein in the fridge, not the bathroom.

    The day you color: work the liquid protein into your hair til damp, esp. the ends. liquid protein fills in the porosity of the hair shaft & allows for even color distribution & a more stable color hold.

    Let the liquid protein dry. it may feel stiff.
    Then, dab your entire hairline perimeter with the developer & let it sit for 2 minutes.
    While you're waiting, mix up the color in a 1:1 ratio. 1oz color to 1oz developer. If you use 2oz color, use 2oz developer, shake & let sit for 2 minutes.

    Remember: the higher the number on the developer, the higher the lift of color (think 30). the lower the number on the developer, the greater the deposit of color (think 20). You want deposit, so use the lower number.

    If you're mixing up colors (i use 2-3 in addition to my natural color) you'll need as many plastic bottles, & a an old toothbrush for each one.

    If you're using a box with one color, use one toothbrush.

    I've had better success leaving the color on the roots for 15 -25 minutes & drawing it down to the ends for another 10 minutes to prevent the drier ends from picking up too much color.

    Rinse completely with warm water.
    Condition with color guard conditioner for 2-5 minutes.
    Rinse again warm & finish w/cold water.
    Blot & squeeze hair dry, don't rub it.

    I use the color on the toothbrush on the brows (NOT LASHES).

    Using the curly girl protocol helps maintain color:

    Wash 1x/week. Rinse up to 7x/wk
    Condition up to 7x/week depending on work, workouts, heat, etc.
    Alternate color conditioner w/a for color-protection conditioner.

    Every other conditioning treatment, apply the conditioner, wait 2 minutes, & add a squeeze of the liquid protein you used before coloring & smoosh it into your hair throughout & wait another 2 minutes. Rinse warm-to-cool."

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