What should she do? Opinions

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So my daughter is turning 10 and i'm having a bday party for her at a bowling and video arcade place. Most of the kids going will be from her school and most will know each other. But she also wants to invite these fraternal twin sisters who she's friends with who are 1.5 yrs older and go to a different school. The twins are African American and dark skinned but one twin has a very advanced, very profound case of vitiligo. Her face is about 60% snow white, mainly around both eyes and her mouth, but with splotches everywhere. She has the most visually shocking case of vitiligo I have ever seen bc her pattern is more symmetric than normal and it looks like she's wearing make up. I mean, it really takes a minute to realize she's not wearing a mask. I'm worried about the twins feeling excluded bc they don't know anyone, and esp the one w/ vitiligo bc of her condition. I told my daughter she has to make sure she includes them, etc., but I know she's going to get too caught up in the party to be thinking about it the whole time. Do you think she should tell everyone from her school who's attending the party about this girl ahead of time and warn them not to act funny around her? Or is that too much? Little girls can be such jerks at that age. :angry3:


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    Yikes, I have no experience in this don't know what kids are like but my gut would say no, don't tell the kids anything in advance.
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    I also have zero experience in anything like this, but I agree with Josephine.
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    I wouldn't tell them I advance that gives them time to think about it.

    Because they're older, maybe they could hand out tickets, or head up teams or something. Giving them an important role is a way to introduce them, and hopefully have the others look up to them a bit. Maybe put your daughter on the team of the girl you're more concerned about.
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    i would not tell anything in advance
    I would make sure that your daughter knows how to address things - like if someone says "ewww, what's wrong with her face??" like help her with replies on hand so that it's not a "thing"

    I think that this girl has probably experienced her fair share of comments/questions/etc and is probably going to knock your socks off with how well she does. The twins know if they are comfortable enough in this environment. Also, you could do as suggested above and give them jobs, have your daughter introduce them right away "i know most of us know each other, but these two girls here, they're like family to me - we've known each other for such a long time, i'm so glad they could come and celebrate with us!!"
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    I wouldn't tell anyone anything. I wouldn't treat them any differently than anyone else. I would make sure your daughter introduces them to the other kids since they go to a different school. And that's it. No more involvement.
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    I guess I would worry about that one kid who just always says something surprising.......that's the child I'd make a point of alerting, probably via her parents.

    I don't know, though. I'm sometimes amazed at how cool and accepting kids can be, or how awful.

    I really like the idea of putting both girls in positions of minor authority.

    This probably wasn't helpful. Sorry.
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    There is an incredibly beautiful woman named Chantelle Brown-Young on ANTM this season who has vitiligo. It's stunning, as in remarkable, and she has the most wonderful patterns.


    She has brought a bit of attention to the condition lately so perhaps some of the kids will already be aware. I agree with those who say they would not mention anything before hand and I would not worry. I am sure she is well versed in the negative comments of some and can handle herself. If not, adults will be there to step in and educate others on the beauty in differences.
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    I know kids will be kids and even some really good ones will have their moments, break down and bully-make fun of people. CBY has talked about that on ANTM but I honestly have no idea how anyone could make fun of that. Shes like a hand painted work of art, imo.
    When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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    ANTM popped up on my HULU with weekend and I watched it. I was just coming in to say what Fifi already said

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