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I've finally found a cheap protein free gel my hair doesn't hate! It's Volumax from Sally's. I have seen people talking about Volumax Mega but it has protein. The plain Volumax doesn't. I've been searching forever. The only thing my seriously thick dense protein hating hair liked was CJPP. My wallet hated it though. A $24 bottle only lasts me maybe 3 weeks. This $7 bottle makes me way happier!

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  • mustangbunnymustangbunny Registered Users Posts: 1,033
    Thanks for the tip! I saw the protein in the mega and didn't realize the other kind was protein free. It is so hard to find a protein free gel sometimes.

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  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    I'm bumping up this old thread because I need a protein free gel. I've got the volumax but it doesn't have enough hold for me. Does anyone know of a protein free gel with a little more hold?

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  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    Is anyone on this protein sensitive board anymore? Or is there just not any good gels that don't have protein??

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  • Goin'GreyGoin'Grey Registered Users Posts: 301 Curl Neophyte
    I use two winter gels, one is Naturelle Gel (from Sallys) and now I find it's discontinued. And my own Flax seed gel. Too tired to make and refridgerate it. So I came here. It's sad. No good gels.

    In the summer I like a few products. But winter i got nothing! See signature for products
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    Style: Naturelle Gel(winter HG), KCCC (summer HG), Flaxseed gel
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  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    Today I mixed two gels that didn't give me enough hold when using them on their own. The results were great! I mixed curls goddess curls and volumax. My curls are soft and bouncy and not a lot of frizz. I'm going to try this combination again and hope that today wasn't a fluke.

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  • CurlyWhoCruxCurlyWhoCrux Registered Users Posts: 30
    Is Volumax CG?
    I rarely use gels, but I do have the Pure Clean one from Garnier. I forgot how it works on my hair so I might try it today. In the past, I've found that gels didn't really do anything to my hair, but now that my hair is getting healthier they might..

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  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    Volumax is CG, but I have an old bottle of it so I'm not sure if they've changed their formula.

    I tried the volumax and goddess curls combination again today and no luck. Goddess curls has aloe in it which doesn't seem to work good with my hair. So the search continues.

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  • imatropicalpplimatropicalppl Registered Users Posts: 4
    Have you tried the As I Am curling jelly? It has surprisingly great hold, my wash and go's last for at 3 days.

    These are the ingredients:

    Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Pectin and Sugar Beet Root

    Aqueous (Water, Aqua Purificada, Purified) Extracts: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf¹ and Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root¹, Glycerin¹, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum¹, Pectin¹, Citric Acid², Tocopheryl Acetate, Potassium Sorbate, Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Fragrance/Parfum, Limonene.
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    LI: As I Am (HG!), SMCES
    Stylers: As I Am Curling Jelly (HG!), SMCGS, Tresemme Tres Gel, OO Ecostyler
    Oils: CO, Jojoba, Grapeseed, and EVOO blend
    DT: Any SM Masques
  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    @imatropicalppl Thanks for the suggestion but aloe and glycerin doesn't work good for my hair. That's what I'm running into, if the gel doesn't have protein it ends up having aloe and/or glycerin.

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  • ChrissyCChrissyC Registered Users Posts: 15
    curlisue1 I have had the same sensitivities and have had a ton of success with Jessicurl Spiralicious gel and Gelibration Spray. I apply Spiralicious in the shower with my hair dripping wet, sectioning my hair into three sections. Then I spray some of the Gelibration into my hands and scrunch it into my hair. Check out the ingredients and see what you think. Protein is an absolute no no for me and glycerin only works when its very humid out. I also like her deep conditioner and use it every day as a normal conditioner. She will send sample sizes so you don't have to spend a lot to try it out. It's so hard to find something that works because no two curlies are the same!
    3a or b depending on the weather, medium texture, pretty dense, normal porosity.
    Have to be careful of protein
    cowash: Elucence and CJDF
    conditioners: AOHR, CJHB deep fix,
    LI: currently liking Marie Dean Mango Detangler, KCKT
    Stylers: Usually mix very small amounts of BRHG with CJCIAB, HETT, DMMCG or whatever is under the sink and might work that day!
    Latest discovery: Marie Dean Amla Hair Creme Proless works great on top of any gel combination. Well, at least in the current low dews!
  • curlisue1curlisue1 Registered Users Posts: 494 Curl Novice
    Thanks @ChrissyC. I tried the spiralicious but it felt like it sat on my hair. I didn't apply it with my hair soaking wet so I may give that a try and see if that helps.

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  • ttoosdayttoosday Registered Users Posts: 509 Curl Connoisseur
    If you're looking for a protein free, glycerin free, propylene glycol free gel cheap gel you might try Aussie Instant Freeze. Dont know how the hold would be for you. Im experimenting with it myself. It seems to be OK, not any better or worse than any other gel Ive tried.
    Another option is Pantene Curls Sculpting Gel. It has no protein, no glycerin, no propylene glycol, but it does have the water soluble cone. I havent used it enough to make a determination on if it works.

    Aussie Instant Freeze
    Water , Laureth 23 , Polyquaternium 4 , Hydroxyethylcellulose , Benzyl Alcohol , Acrylates/Beheneth 25 Methacrylate Copolymer , Aminomethyl Propanol , DMDM Hydantoin , Fragrance , Prunus Serotina Bark ExtractWild Cherry , Acrylates Copolymer , Disodium EDTA

    Pantene Curls Sculpting Gel
    Water, PVP, Laureth 23, VP/Dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate Copolymer, Triisopropanolamine, Carbomer, Methylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, PEG 12 Dimethicone, Fragrance, Propylparaben, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA
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    RO: GVP CB, Aussie Mega Moist, Not Your Mothers Gardenia
    Leave In: As I Am LI, KCKT, or Not Your Mothers Gardenia
    Enhancer: Camille Rose Curl Maker
    Deep condition: SM Deep Treat Mask
    Protein: Hask Keratin
    Styler: Curl Keeper Original, Ouidad Climate Control gel, LA Looks gel

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