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I have a 3B hair type and I straight my hair 2-3 times a year. I let them dry with rollers (no product), after that I put CHI protectant on and I use a straightener in 360-370 F. The thing is that my hair gets a little frizzy and curly with no shine, I would like to know what can I do to make it softer, shinier and straighter when I want it straight. Someone told me about Keratin, but a three-month treatment is way too much. I only use my hair straight for a week every 4 or 6 months. So, any ideas?


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    For me, it depends on the heat protector used & the weather. I use bionics agave oil & it makes my hair bone straight without frizz. But if its humid out, you have no chance! Im in Georgia & it gets very humid here in the summer so I've tried so many products to aid against humidity & nothing works. But i suggest the agave, it smells amazing & works great. You can even ask if they have samples they can send. Worked for me. Good luck.

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    I recently bought the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight hair cream. It's extremely easy to use.

    1. Shampoo and Condition your hair, rinse (I used what I had on hand)
    2. Apply the Prep Smoother (or not, I only got a sample size to use so I will try w/o next time)
    3. Apply the Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight hair cream as applicable to how much hair is in each section (width of the ponytail is the diameter of the circle of cream you need)
    4. Blow Dry, follow up with Flat Iron if needed (it's heat activated, so you have to at least blow dry)

    My hair was straight for days, and it only slightly puffed up with sweat and rain drizzle/humidity. After I flat ironed again, the hair was still shiny and straight-ish. I only used oils to keep it from being too dry for a bit, then followed up with moisturizers after about 5 days, esp. to the ends.

    The product is $26 USD for 5 fl oz (150ml). I am going to get about 5 uses out of this.

    The more you use it, the straighter your hair stays during that time. It won't fully be gone until about 5 washes.

    Beautiful Textures has a similar blow-dry-heat-activated product that retails for about $11-$13 USD. I chose Aveda because I didn't trust a relaxer company.


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