Frizzy Baby Hairs?

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Hello fellow Curlies!

This is my first post here, even though I've been using this website for hair advice for a long time. I've finally decided to post here because I am on my last straw with my hair. For my whole life I've been struggling with short baby hairs around my hairline and as a result, putting my hair up without gelling everything down, or covering my head with a crown of bobby pins is a disaster.

I live a very active lifestyle and dont have time to straighten it. If my hair is crazy when its down, its crazier when I put it up because I have this mane of frizz that all stick up off my head.

I feel like most people who have curly hair can just put it up on a bad hair day, but sadly that just doesn't seem to be the case for me. I've bought pretty much every hair product I can find and haven't found anything that gets rid of the frizz without making my hair greasy.

I live in a very humid environment and I'm almost to the point of permanently straightening it altogether because I'm tired of this unkempt, wild looking appearance.

So please, does anybody have any recommendations on what I can do to get rid of/straighten these baby hairs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

A girl who cant deal with this high maintenance hair anymore!


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    Hey, I have the same thing and to be honest, I can't advise much as I'm at a loss too, sorry. But I can sympathise!
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    I have the same issue. Right now my hair is in a bun & i have a bunch of random spirals popping out around my crown. This is happening to me because i had a shedding episode months ago so the hairs are growing back & are shorter than the rest of my hair. I dont think you can get rid of them, you just have your let them grow out so they can fit into your ponytail. Until then, you can use a strong hold gel or pomade or any thick product to slick them or weigh them down. Good luck.

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