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Hey Naturally Curly Sisters,

My name is Tracee and I'm new to this forum. I live in the raining one second, snowing the next state of Texas. I wanted to introduce myself because I am in need of help with my 4A/3C textured hair.I'm going on almost two years with my natural hair and I'm at a stand still and have began to notice quite a bit of shedding. At the moment I do not have any photos but I do know that my hair is not growing at the rate it should.

I'll be back soon to post pictures! I hope to get to know many people and be able to give and receive experiences/advice.




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    Hi Tracee, I'm Norrelle and I'm from Texas as well. I have a similar texture to yours and so far, I've decreased the amount of hair I was shedding by incorporating steam treatments into my regimen. What's been helpful for most curlies (you could benefit as well) with hair dilemmas is to post your current regimen so that others might assist you.
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    I agree! What are you doing right now and then we can help move you along. Too much shedding is not good!
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