Protective Styling

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Hey Wavies!

Do you guys rock the protective styling in the fall/winter? If so, what products do you use for those and do you wash your hair in the morning or at night?

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    My protective styles have always been high buns secured with loose scrunchies and goody spin pins. Godsend, fast.
    I wash at night and usually still have 20-40% wetness in the morning depending on sleep length, so putting still wet hair up and wearing a hat is my only peace when it's cold, which is nearly always where I live.
    Product-wise, I use something different practically every time.
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    I just started CG this summer and I hacked my hair off into an asymmetrical bob, so I really can't do anything than putting on some barrettes. Pre-CG, and I used to blowdry my hair straight or curl it afterwards, I never did any protective styling either. It was usually a bob or lob and my hair behaves well in cold, so I never bothered.

    My head, on the other hand, hates cold, so I always put on a headband or beanie or hat and/or covered my had with a hoodie. Otherwise, I'd get a massive never-ending headache.
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