any silicone free conditioner similar to aussies' 3 minute miracle?

nancypants94nancypants94 Registered Users Posts: 26
So I'm trying to use less silicone, and out of all the conditioners i've used, the only ones that seem to leave my hair moisturized and silky and smooth are ones with silicone.
so, i went and got stuff like KCNT, and SM deep treatment mask, and i've been using coconut oil as well as EVOO and things like that. Basically, i've been using products that promise moisturized hair. But ever since going more CG, my hair is just so dry. Like, I had to cut off 2 inches of just dry hair that seemed like damage (even though I don't use heat!)
I should also mention that I have hard water and do have to shampoo occasionally anyways, but my dry ends started when I was in a state that has soft water.
The only thing that has ever helped my hair be properly moisturized is the 3 minute miracle by aussie and aussies moist line of shampoo/conditioner.
I so badly want to go back to using those,
but if someone knows of something with similar effects, but with less silicone, thatd be so great!


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    Live Clean conditioners are really creamy and leave my hair feeling more smooth, but to combat frizz, I use a leave-in. The name of it is in my signature. Super cheap, silicone-free, smells great, and works amazing.
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    Holy Grail: Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair
    I rotate through the rest of my products depending on weather and etc but usually don't need them
    I try not to use products tested on animals if I can help it.
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  • nancypants94nancypants94 Registered Users Posts: 26
    thanks! i'll give it a try(:
  • twirlygrannytwirlygranny Banned Users Posts: 1,114 Curl Neophyte
    Silcones are not the DEVIL. If Aussie works for you, you can lowpoo it out. The silicone in it is designed not to build up on itself like dimethicone. Even a good cleansing conditioner like Curl Junkie Daily Fix will remove it. If it's working for you....why change?

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