2c Newbie Drying Difficulties

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Hi all!
I just ditched the sulfates at the beginning of the month and have been co-washing with Suave Naturals and using Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo every third day. My hair itself seems pretty happy with this so far, but I'm having a difficult time with styling.

I've been using Miss Jessi Jelly Soft Curls gel after scrunching with a t-shirt, which is doing a good job of shaping my curls, but even with a diffuser (which I'd really rather not use because it does cause some frizz) my hair just takes forever to dry. I feel like I'm constantly rolling into work with half-damp hair. How do so many of you air dry and have such pretty, soft looking curls? I tried sleeping on plopped (shoulder-length) wet hair and that was a disaster! Any help?


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    I remember those days. I had to ditch the shea moisture curl shampoo. It dried out my hair. My dessert dry hair contributed to my frizz. I use gel to style my hair along with the as I am leave in conditioner. I rake my leave in through my hair while bent over at the waist. I begins to style my hair with LA looks wet look gel. Once I've gotten the gel through my hair while upside down, I stand up and take the gel through my hair again to make sure I got all my gel through my hair. I then shake my head around and voila frizz free curls. I air dry with a ceiling fan on. By morning, my hair is almost dry. Just a few wet spots at the roots which dry by the end of the day. Hope this helps.
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    Not a type 2 hair but hopefully gel will get rid of your frizz. My corkscrew curls will easily get frizzy. Gel saved my hair.
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    You're missing a leave-in conditioner in that routine, which is probably why you've got the frizz and the drying issues. Gel does take a long time to dry on wet hair because it creates a cast around the wet hair to begin with. My hair actually hates gel, and if I want tight curls, I go for a mousse which is much lighter and gives my curl WAY more lift. Gels aren't in my routine at any time of the year at all.

    I just use a leave-in for my curls right now (it's fall here and it's damp all the time) and they stay with minimal frizz through a 9-hour work day in a medical office with a super dry air quality system. This is what the curls look like with just the leave-in conditioner in them after 3 days of no washing. This was before I added the leave-in again for the day, so the frizz was smoothed out more.

    If you've got thick hair (my hair has an undercut I'm growing out, and look at how thick it is even with the undercut) it's going to take a long time to dry regardless. My suggestion is to do your routine the day before work, go to bed with dry hair up in a pineapple style with a scrunchie tie. Then in the morning, let it down, add a bit of leave-in in your palms, and gently run it through your hair from your ears down, making sure not to disturb your curl structure too much. If you get frizz on your crown like me, just lightly graze your crown with your hand/fingers with a small amount of the leave-in on it. Then flip your head over and massage your scalp to loosen the curls and life the hair off your scalp.

    Remember to get a silk or satin pillowcase if you don't already. I have a silk one and I still do the pineapple to my hair to protect it anyway, but that's mainly because I toss and turn like mad in the night. Good luck!
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