Opinions please. What is typical for a devacut?

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Hi all!

I had my first devacut done yesterday, and had a strange experience. I'd like to hear from other people who've had devacuts so I know if I actually got a devacut or just a trim.

On Sunday I sent a request for an appointment at the Curl Ambassadors downtown Toronto salon through their website. When I hadn't heard from them in 2 days I called them. A woman answered and I setup my appointment with her, and because I had never had a devacut and didn't know if they did a wet or dry cut, I asked if I should wear my hair natural when I came in. She said "no no it's fine". She seemed irritated.

The next day at the salon the woman at the front desk was pleasant and I don't think it was the same person. I then met my stylist, who told me that since my hair was in a bun, she couldn't see my curls and that would be a problem for a dry cut (my hair goes quite straight when I let it dry in a bun). I told her what the person had told me over the phone, and she said that that was wrong information. The stylist decided that she'd give me a trim all over and then cut more once my hair was washed and styled. She then washed/styled my hair. Throughout this I tried to make conversation with her but she seemed anxious and distracted, so I eventually stopped. At one point she stepped away to make a phone call and seemed worried.

Once she realized how long it takes for my hair to dry she had to move me from a bonnet dryer back to her chair to diffuse my hair and speed up the drying time. Another weird thing was that when my hair was half-dried she came and put clips in the roots of my hair to give it more volume (I think this is supposed to be done when wet?). Then another woman who worked at the salon approached us and told my stylist that her next client had been waiting for 15 minutes. After that, my stylist said "your hair looks good, we're done". I was shocked - she hadn't cut further, just trimmed while straight, washed and styled. My curls looked great, but I think that was due to the products. I told her that I was under the impression that she still had to cut my hair to give it shape, and I'd just had a trim. She got defensive and told me she couldn't cut more, but didn't give a good reason for it. I told her that I didn't like the long layer of hair at the back of my head because that layer was longer than the hair at the sides of my head, but she told me my hair is less curly in the back and that's why she didn't want to cut it any more. She said that I'd mentioned that I wanted to grow my hair out so that's also why she decided not to cut more - but I still feel like she should have cut a little more after it was dry to give it a little shape. She then told me that I could come back within a two week period if I want to have my cut changed, for free. This seemed like an excuse and a way to get rid of me when she had another client waiting?

I was totally confused but thanked her anyway. I spoke to the friendly woman at the front desk and told her that I felt like I'd only had a trim because the stylist had run out of time. She apologized profusely, gave me $15 off (which was nice), and told me to come back if I wanted.

I've never had a proper curly hair cut before so I don't know what to expect! I'm so confused. I bought a bunch of Devacurl products so my curls look great but I still feel like my hair was just trimmed... I would love to hear your experiences with a devacut so I know if I'm being reasonable. Since I used to straighten my hair, I may be used to having 1.5 hour drawn out elaborate haircuts for straight hair styles.

I'm trying to decide if I should go back to have my hair cut a little more... and even then I don't want the same stylist fixing the cut. Unfortunately there's few places in Toronto to actually get a cut for curly hair so I would have loved to have had a positive experience there.

Thanks in advance!!

Also attaching a photo of the cut (trim?).


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    I don't know if the process you went through was correct, but your hair looks gorgeous.

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    you have beautiful hair and it looks great. however, i can see where she could have brought out more waves/curls. and the whole experience with all involved was totally unprofessional. you can never wear your hair pulled back as it does distort the curl pattern.
    what about the Jonathan Torch salon in toronto? there are articles written jonathan, his salon, and his products (curl keeper) on this site. i'd give that a try.

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    Doesn't sound like a good / typical experience to me! They were right to give you £15 off because, in my eyes, that was unacceptable service. If you want to go back, you should, but you should request to see a different stylist.

    Saying that though, I think your hair looks marvellous! :D
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    Thank you! :)
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    Hi rbb and Botticellibrit, thanks for taking the time to tell me what you think! I think I do want to take them up on their 2 week offer of having it cleaned up, but I'm going to talk with them and see if I can have another stylist do it.

    Rbb, thank you for mentioning that you can see parts that could have been styled more - I really have no idea what a curly hair cut should be like and after that experience I assumed that a curly cut must be much simpler than a straight one. After your input I know I was cut short (no pun intended :)). Thanks again!
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    It looks fantastic! Maybe she actually WAS done? It looks great on you, very good shape, nice volume, no frizz. I'd love to have that cut;)
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    It does look fantastic! Although, I can see why you are confused. My stylist cuts before and then goes back through after she washes and styles it. I feel like they were definitely being rude to you. If you aren't satisfied, go back and ask for someone else. You deserve to get what you want, as you're a paying customer too.

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