My girls with curls in Brissy

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Hi beautiful curly haired people.
I'm new to Naturally Curly and I just wanted to say hi.

My name is Sylvs and I'm looking for information and ideas for myself and my 2 girls. We are (3b-myself) (3c oldest girl 17yrs) and (4b youngest girl 9yrs) so lots of curls at our place.

We live in Australia and my girls have had a few self esteem issues growing up regarding their poofy and big hair (as class mates) say and we've had countless discussions about them feeling they don't have nice hair like the other girls. When I say but you still look beautiful they say 'Come on Mum you're supposed to say that'.

We've tried a few combinations of styling, products to use etc, but sometimes I'm at a loss as how to help them.

I know this forum and website is primarily for teens 13+ but if any Mums have ideas which have helped their younger daughters I would so love to hear. I'm planning a 'Kool Curls' picnic in Brisbane in Dec this year (2014) to celebrate curly hair and both my daughters are helping to organise it, I thought it would help them see and be inspired by others with curly hair.

I tried searching the net about self esteem and hair appreciation but have not found too much info it is mainly about loving your body size and image. However, in my family (and I'm sure yours) our hair is just as important as our body.

Sorry for the super long post. I'm so glad I have found this site, it really is an inspiration. Thanks for listening/reading.

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